Account Executive, Public Sector – Japan

The sales team is responsible for our Public Sector customers, and is driven by our mission to make the world a safer place by tracking and investigating activities that involve cryptocurrency like human trafficking, terrorist financing, and money-laundering
We’re experts on the “why” and the “how” with deep relationships and knowledge of navigating government sales processes

Account Executives are servant leaders who can quickly establish trust and build strong relationships with the Public Sector stakeholders, tailoring their sales approach to their needs, and evangelizing Chainalysis solutions in a compelling yet approachable way
We measure success by the attainment of assigned quota, accuracy of forecasting, and the growth of accounts in your region
They are experts at navigating complex sales cycles
and still enjoy the thrill creating a calculated account plan and then closing a deal
We measure your success by your ability to accurately forecast revenue and hit (read: exceed) quotas and the engagement of your team

In one year you’ll know you were successful if…

Youexceeded your quota and substantially increased our foothold in the Japanese market through strategic and relentless prospecting and developing your sales pipeline

  • You’ve helped us develop compelling product positioning and messaging specific to market trends, competitive drivers, region-specific sales channels, and more
  • Your relationships with customers are built on trust and transparency resulting in network referrals that ultimately build Chainalysis’ brand awareness
  • You’ve created and executed go-to-market plans that have resulted in predictable and increasing quarterly forecasts

You’ve built a diverse pipeline of opportunities resulting in consistent and accurate forecasting

  • You have managed and structured our relationships with the local resellers and distributors
  • You have relationships across departments at Chainalysis allowing you to provide expert advice to prospects related to technical concepts, product roadmaps, solutions implementations, training, and more

A background like this helps: 

  • Recent experience managing and closing complex software sales within the Federal Public Sector customer base in Japan
  • Strong relationships in the Law Enforcement, National Security, Taxation and Regulation agencies 
  • Strong relationships in the System Integrator, resellers & Distributors in the local market
  • Be able to demonstrate a history of building and executing a focused GTM strategy
  • Track record of over-achieving quota in past positions
  • Track record in both new business development and strategic account development
  • Ability to negotiate complex sales processes, negotiate pricing, terms and conditions and other concessions in complex, multi-year sales agreements
  • Both written and spoken fluency in English and Japanese
  • Experience with Financial Intelligence, Investigations, Cyber Security, and/or Cryptocurrency Technologies


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