Blockchain Core Developer – Golang, Ethereum

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We’re looking to hire a Core Developer to expand our Layer 1 Engineering team

Our stack is Ethereum-like, so familiarity with — and passion for — the space is key

Some of the areas we tackle include blockchain infrastructure optimised for financial use-cases, protocols for specific applications (such as smart contract-based derivatives, synthetic assets, cryptocurrency stabilization, …), scalability and privacy through cryptography (zkSNARKs, multiparty computation, private transactions/assets)


You’re a systems programmer with good knowledge of Layer 1 protocols, and a passion for blockchain and decentralisation
You enjoy working to a high standard and writing code that is clean, performant, and maintainable
You appreciate the importance of careful design choices and can anticipate the impact of code changes on wider system behaviour
You can demonstrate a strong interest in blockchain and may even have open source contributions that you can highlight
You express yourself clearly in writing and in discussions


You will be involved at all stages of the development lifecycle for the Autonity protocol and its blockchain node client (a fork of go-ethereum)
These include:

  • Implementing new protocol features in Go and Solidity
  • Developing new distributed systems tests and frameworks
  • Contributing to protocol and design specifications
  • Working with members of the community to resolve issues

Your work will ensure that Autonity client is correct, reliable, performant, and secure
This will enable Autonity to serve as the foundational layer for a new ecosystem of decentralised markets


  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field
  • Strong programming skills in a low-level language like Go, Rust, or C++ (ideally 2+ years with Go)
  • Experience with network, concurrent, and distributed programming/debugging on Linux systems
  • Good knowledge of Ethereum protocols, BFT and dPoS consensus, P2P messaging, and crypto primitives


  • Experience developing on a blockchain node client (preferably Ethereum-like)
  • Knowledge of distributed systems theory obtained from coursework or self-study
  • Smart contract programming experience using Solidity and Web3 APIs

Our compensation is blockchain competitive and dependent on your skills & experience

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