Blockchain Engineer (m/f/d)

holoride GmbH


As a Blockchain Developer, you will be the main responsible for designing, implementing, and developing smart contracts and their integration into our tech stack as well as researching and developing and testing further blockchain technologies (with a focus on the Elrond network).

You will connect with key stakeholders, technical partners and the wider community to brainstorm and evaluate potential new tools and technologies to keep up to speed with current trends, technologies and cryptography methods as they continually evolve.

  You will apply both researched information and your own knowledge to support in the protection of digital transaction data from any potential threats.


Your profile

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in computer science, IT, or equivalent experience
  • High proficiency in Rust programming language
  • Experience working with different PaaS solutions offered by Azure, AWS, and other such cloud platforms
  • Good understanding of common algorithms and data structures
  • Familiarity with cryptography, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and P2P networks
  • Experience in the design, testing, coding, and maintaining of smart contracts (whether on Ethereum or another network)
  • A high-level understanding of game theory

Bonus qualifications 

  • Knowledge in high level programming languages like Solidity 
  • Proficiency in one (or more) of the additional web-assembly supported languages: C++, Java, JavaScript, Python