Chief Product Officer



About the position

As the Chief Product Officer you join a newly formed team of 16 people, including researchers, frontend and backend developers as well as marketeers
The product, which remains in stealth mode until at least Q1 2024, is currently being strategized and an MVP is being developed
The faster you join the more you can still influence the product during its early stages

The leadership team consists of a well-experienced Chief Technology Officer and Max Kordek, the co-founder of Lisk


  • Vision and strategy
    • Developing and communicating product vision and strategy to all relevant stakeholders
    • Ensuring alignment of product strategy with the companyโ€™s goals and objectives
    • Leading market analysis to identify customer needs, opportunities, and competitive landscape
  • Product development and management
    • Overseeing the entire product lifecycle from conceptualization, development, to market launch
    • Managing the product backlog and prioritizing features based on value and alignment with strategy
    • Coordinating with engineering, marketing, sales, and support teams to deliver high-quality products on time
  • Leadership and team management
    • Building, mentoring, and leading a high-performing team
    • Fostering a culture of continuous improvement, innovation, and customer-centricity
    • Collaborating with cross-functional teams to resolve issues and ensure smooth product development and delivery
  • Performance metrics and analytics
    • Establishing key performance metrics and monitoring the success of products post-launch
    • Making data-driven decisions to improve product performance and customer satisfaction
  • Stakeholder communication
    • Engaging with customers, partners, and external stakeholders to gather feedback and make necessary product improvements
    • Keeping stakeholders informed on product progress, performance, and roadmaps


  • Experience
    • A minimum of 3 years of professional experience in product management, preferably in a tech-oriented startup environment
    • A minimum of 3 years of professional experience in crypto and Web3
    • Proven track record of managing all aspects of a successful product throughout its lifecycle
  • Skills
    • Strong leadership and team management skills
    • Excellent communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills
    • Ability to make well-informed decisions based on data
    • Proficient in product management software and methodologies
  • Personal attributes
    • Adaptable to a fast-paced and dynamic startup environment
    • Innovative and able to drive change and look for continuous improvement
    • Customer-focused with a passion for delivering high-quality products that meet market needs

We believe that blockchain technology has the power to change the world, but we need exceptional souls with diverse backgrounds to make it happen
Don’t let a list of criteria hold you back from applying – we want to hear your story!

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