Community Engineer

  • Applications may have closed

Mirror is hiring a technical Community Engineer to create a world-class experience for Mirror users
You will set the standard for driving the success of the Mirror DAO as members rally their communities and creators monetize their passions
If you are obsessed with shaping a seamless experience in web3, this role is for you!

The role will include, but is not limited to:

  • Communicating with users over many channels, including Discord, Slack, and Twitter to assist them with Mirror’s various tools
  • Build out support tooling to streamline ticket collection, making it easier to respond to common issues
  • Maintain the FAQ for Mirror’s product suite
  • Build out the admin site to allow non-engineers to provide support ops for Mirror users
  • Build out tooling for the Mirror DAO
  • Run queries against our data sources to identify bugs and data inconsistencies that impact the user experience
  • Triage security and bug reports to make sure they are acted upon in a timely manner


  • At least one year of web development experience, either through a bootcamp, through courses in college, or professionally
  • You have a broad technical background and enjoy learning new technologies
  • You are able to empathize with customer challenges and enjoy problem-solving
  • You have an intermediate understanding of JavaScript and web development
  • You have experience supporting a SQL or NoSQL database management system
  • You are organized in tracking, surfacing, and solving questions and pain points from the community to the rest of the team
  • Bias towards action and getting things done
    When you can’t get them done, you know how to work with the core team and DAO community to get what you need

Nice to Haves

  • Curiosity in Web3 through previous roles or activities
  • Bonus points if you know React, NodeJS and can fix minor bugs in our codebase