crypto-native degen

Gomu is a B2B company focused on helping companies engage their users natively with native Web3 experiences.

Developers can supercharge their app, dapp, wallet with actions and data in NFTs, DeFi, DEX, DAO with Gomu APIs and SDKs.

Gomu is a venture-backed startup that's founded by executives from leading companies in the industry like Coinbase, CoinMarketCap, Zendesk, Millennium Management.

Apply to work with one of the best teams in the industry to help 1Bย users experience Web3 easily.

we want to hear from you if you consider yourself a crypto-native and:- keep obsessive track of product innovation in the industry – are possessed of a creative streak and/or are left-handed- have a track record of verifiable excellence in highly competitive activities (e.


competitive gaming, competitive academic competitions etc.

)- want to work in a team comprised of crypto-natives

Why join Gomu:
Working with one of the

best teams
in the industryHigh degree of

in every role

in knowledge and industry experience in Web3 / SaaS / blockchain

benefits for employees and dependents

in-person environment in Singapore