Crypto Researcher

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We are looking for a crypto asset expert
You understand structural issues such as systemic risk within a crypto ecosystem and the differences between the on-chain and off-chain economics
In addition, you will analyze public blockchain networks
When developing and maintaining our asset classification systems, you will use quantitative and qualitative assessment methods, including reports and structured reviews
You will evaluate asset characteristics in your role, including value proposition, development team, adoption, consensus mechanism, and sector/industry
In addition, you will attend meetings with our clients held by Vinter’s Account Manager to nurture our client relationships

In short: Your job is to read, think and write
Your primary responsibility is to research and classify crypto assets

Vinter’s mission is to institutionalize crypto
We create and calculate complex yet elegant crypto indexes used in financial products worldwide
Our customers are some of the most successful crypto funds in the world, and our investors are some of the most well-respected in the industry
We recently raised a $3
4M Series Seed and are now looking to build one of the greatest teams in our industry

Since our incorporation in 2019, we’ve been listed as a top European startup
Our team is a diverse group of people from over eight countries speaking 13 different languages



  1. Improve, develop, and maintain our crypto classification methodology on an ongoing basis
    Develop new classification categories
  2. For all top 30 crypto assets, evaluate their (i) problem statement, (ii) adoption, and (iii) tokenomics concerning investor protection
  3. Weekly, look at online websites of key quantitative dimensions and know roughly where the numbers are
    Read research posts and summarize in writing for our team
    Analyze the crypto market in-depth
    Publish your insights on our blog


Outside your primary responsibilities, you will work with data to:

  • Review, identify and understand data sources needed to properly assess a crypto asset before being included in an index or presented to a client as a viable investment
  • Use python/R to create graphs and tables based on historical liquidity, momentum, and volatility data



  • 5+ years of work experience as a researcher or analyst
  • Deep knowledge of crypto assets, DeFi, and Web3 ecosystems
    Understanding of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology from a quantitative and qualitative perspective
  • Fluency in English
    Excellent written communication skills
  • BSc with at least one year of coursework in econometrics, statistics, theoretical physics, or philosophy



  • Ability to analyze data using pandas in python
  • Ability to create interactive HTML reports using tools like Datapane, Plotly, and Dash
  • Confidence in presenting our classification system during a video meeting for our clients, arguing for your choices, and answering their questions with an artistic touch


Vinter will hire you through our entity in the UK and Sweden
In other countries, we hire using a global payroll provider

Vinter is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversifying its workforce
Accordingly, it is the policy of the Firm to ensure equal employment opportunity without discrimination or harassment based on race, color, religion, creed, age, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship, disability, marital and civil partnership/union status, pregnancy or any other characteristic protected by law

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