Director of DAO Engineering

Are you passionate about leading and growing a team of top-notch software engineers who build the governance system of the world’s most advanced blockchain network? In this director position, you will lead multiple teams who engineer 

  • the Network Nervous System (NNS), the DAO governing the Internet Computer (IC)
  • Service nervous systems (SNSs), a set of building blocks that allows developers to tokenize and decentralize the control of their applications
  • Exchange integrations that enable the trading of tokens on centralized trading platforms

You will collaborate with a motivated team that works on some of the most sophisticated, secure, and efficient distributed messaging protocols ever to be deployed. We are a vibrant startup that has grown to 200+ employees with offices in the Bay Area and Zurich.


  • Strategy and roadmap: develop and execute on a roadmap that addresses request out of the community and pushes us towards our vision of Blockchain Singularity where everything is running as a smart contract. The roadmap is defined in collaboration with world-class researchers in the fields of cryptography, distributed systems and economics.  
  • Team building and recruiting: you will be leading strong engineering managers with years of experience. Coach them to achieve their full potential with their teams and to collaborate seamlessly. Participate in the recruitment process to grow your teams.
  • Delivery: Agree on timelines and commitments of your teams based on your solid technical understanding. Track progress, adjust to changing priorities and help to resolve ambiguities. 
  • Engineering excellence: As the NNS and SNS are critical infrastructure for decentralized decision making and manage assets worth billions of dollars, the quality of the code must be impeccable. Work with the team to improve our standards and automation to relentlessly increase software quality.


  • 8+ years of management experience and have led a team of teams. 
  • Strong communicator
  • Shipped large-scale distributed systems with thousands of customers/users
    • Preferably also responsible for production issues 
    • Monitored the system and responsible for troubleshooting
  • Ideally a solid understanding of economics and worked on decentralized governance before
  • Quality mindset: track record in building 
  • Strong interest in web3 and crypto, preferably familiar with other blockchain networks and their DAOs.