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Hello Web3 Mavericks! 🚀

Communities are the lifelines of the decentralized world, and at AlphaGuilty, we pride ourselves on crafting unforgettable community experiences
As we venture further into the heart of web3 engagement, we’re seeking a sharp-eyed Moderator for our Discord and Telegram channels

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept:

  • 🛡 Maintain the positive vibes of our communities, ensuring all interactions align with AlphaGuilty’s values and guidelines
  • 🚀 Promptly address queries and concerns, acting as the frontline support for our community members
  • 🌐 Collaborate closely with our Community Manager to sync on key updates, announcements, and potential issues
  • 🤖 Have a working knowledge of bots and tools essential for moderating and enhancing engagement on Discord and Telegram

We’re On the Hunt for Someone Who:

  • Has prior experience in moderating digital communities, especially on Discord and Telegram
  • Showcases excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Operates with keen attention to detail and can swiftly handle emerging situations
  • Is passionate about the web3 space and understands its nuances

Do you have a heart for community and an eye for detail? Do you believe in creating spaces that are both inclusive and informative? If you’re keen to be the shield and guide for our flourishing community, we’re looking for you!

🌀 Jump into the AlphaGuilty realm and apply here:

AlphaGuilty – Weaving the Fabric of Decentralized Communities, One Interaction at a Time

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