Edge&Node – Full Stack Engineer (Arg/Uy)



Edge&Node (TheGraph)

Total Compensation: 100k-170k+ /yr (cash) + 20% bonus + tokens

Location: Americas

Size: 60 employees

Why TheEdgeAndNode – intro by Gabriel Benmergui

Interview Process

Edge&Node is a blue-chip crypto company and has significant talent competition

TheEdgeAndNode significantly over-indexes behavioral interviews, so it is best to be prepared about what the company does

  1. Screening –

    1. Recruiter Screening

    2. [Recommended] Interview Prepping

  2. The Edge And Node

    1. Recruiter Screening

    2. Hiring Manager Screening

    3. Block A

      1. Skills & Culture Interview

    4. Block B

      1. Skills, Collaboration & Culture Interview

    5. CEO Interview

The Technical Interviews vary by role
They might be technical discussions or take-homes
No live coding

Interview Prep

  1. Read the Podcast transcript

  2. Read the documentation

    1. Become familiarized with the flagship product, and the ethos behind it

  3. [Recommended] Book a practice behavioral interview at

Detailed Positions

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