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Offchain Labs is building a suite of scaling solutions for Ethereum
This includes Arbitrum, an Optimistic Rollup, that instantly scales apps, reducing costs and increasing capacity, without sacrificing Ethereum's security
Porting contracts to Arbitrum requires no code changes or downloads since itโ€™s compatible with existing Ethereum developer languages and tooling
Arbitrum today is the leading Ethereum scaling solution with dominant market share including hundreds of apps on the platform and over 50% of all rollup liquidity
ย Our team is extremely passionate and works tirelessly to bridge the gap between what blockchain is and what blockchain can be
We strive to maintain an atmosphere that fosters innovation and new ideas through collaboration, research, and deep discussions
After raising an initial round of $3
8M in seed funding in January 2019 and a $20M series A, as well as a $100M series B in 2021, we are ready to hire additional team members that have an interest in working in the blockchain space and a knack for approaching problems in unconventional waysThis job posting is tailored specifically to candidates attending the ETHDenver conference
Our recruitment team will diligently review your application and provide you with a decision within the next 24-48 hours
We encourage you to include the names of any team members with whom you spoke and elaborate on why you applied for this position within your application
We sincerely thank you for taking the time to apply and wish you a productive and memorable time at ETHDenver
We understand it takes a diverse team of highly intelligent, passionate, curious, and creative people to solve the challenges involved in developing and improving Arbitrum
Our dynamic team has incredible perspectives to share, just as we know you do, and we take great pride in being an equal opportunity workplace

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