Executive Assistant to Founders

CEO to the Founders (aka: Executive Assistant)

You’ll be our right-hand person and a force-multiplier for us.

This is a super critical and exciting time for Alchemy – we’re an incredibly close family of 80, with massive global scale (powering $150 billion in transactions), and hyperscaling the company.

🚀 Together, we will make magic over the next year as we enter the most exciting chapter of the journey yet!

The Executive Assistant position is a high exposure role — you will be interacting with our , advisors, execs, partners and more.

Your day to day will consist of working closely with us to manage all aspects of our Alchemy lives and our personal lives.

Think of yourself as the CEO of Nikil and Joe.

You’ll get intimately familiar with what it means to be a founder of a high growth technology startup.

Responsibility and ownership is unbounded – planning complex projects, managing investments, hosting large weekend retreats – infinite room for growth.

Another ultra important responsibility of this position is to come build our personal team.

This means hiring out and managing all of the supporting roles (personal assistant, housekeepers, meal prepper, etc…) required to help us bring our absolute best every day for AlchemyFam and our personal lives.

You’ll work closely with both us on a daily basis, have massive ownership and creative liberties, and continually take on more and more responsibility.

You’ll get to see first hand from the inside how a $10B company runs and have a huge part in shaping the future of our lives.

TL/DR: We’re growing crazy fast and want someone to come be the CEO of our lives – both work and personal! We’re looking for a stellar human to scale us.

🙌 The top 3 qualities we’re looking for in our Executive Assistants

  • Execution / Hustle: High energy and a bias towards action is a must.

    You don’t wait to be told what to do – by then you’ve already done it.

    Where other people see barriers, you find a way.

  • Highly Organized: Your goal is very simple: keep Nikil and Joe operating at max performance 24/7.

    To do this you’ll need to combine high level strategic planning with a maniacal focus to detail and progress.

    You’ll need to anticipate issues and proactively handle them.

  • Stellar Communication: You’ll be in constant communication with both of us – this is the key to a great team.

    In addition you will be meeting with and talking to our team, investors, celebrities, and other people we interact with on a daily basis.

    Giving them a great experience is ultra important.

    High quality written and verbal communication is absolutely key to success.

💪 Other Must Haves:

  • Live in San Francisco: We have an in person culture and it’s an absolute blast.

    To be an effective team we need to operate together in person daily.

  • 100% Commitment: This must be your full time and top commitment – not part time.

    This role isn’t suitable for people who have a side hustle at this time.

    Since you will be a right hand to the founders, we will hold you to similar standards as we hold any other owner and leader at the company.

    Since we are in hypergrowth, we are all hands on deck right now, and want to be as honest about that as possible.

    At times there will be weekend and late night work.

    I promise it will be fun, though, and I won’t ask anything of you that I wouldn’t ask of myself!
  • Integrity: You will have access to more of my sensitive information – both Alchemy and personal – than anyone else.

    Trust and integrity is an absolute must.

  • Easy To Work With: We hugely value working with people who are relaxed and friendly while also being intense and absolute hustlers.

    My life is crazy and only getting crazier (in the best way possible :).

    You need to be able to go with the flow, laugh when it seems the hardest, and remember that everything always works out for the best!
  • Chemistry: Getting along is critical in this role since we will be working together every single day.

    You can learn more about Nikil ( 😂) and ! If you are high energy, love to laugh and are silly, and have a passion for personal development and growth, we will get along well!
  • 3+ years of work experience: This is a minimum.

    The range I think is best suited for this role is 5-10 years of experience.

    We’re looking for someone who has supported an executive during work and personal hypergrowth.

    Ideal background is EA or chief of staff type role for the founder of a rocketship startup or large financial institution.

  • Creativity: Come up with ways of doing things that other people said weren’t possible.

    There is always a way.

  • Strategic Thinking: How do we accomplish 10x what we’re doing today? Planning out long term roadmap, figuring out how to automate everything, and executing on short term solutions in tandem – how can we constantly improve?

🎉 Bonus Points

  • Founder Experience: Having built your own company, pet projects, or random ideas for fun is a HUGE plus.

    This shows initiative, hustle, and drive and you’ll understand a lot of the experience that we’re living today.

  • Master Negotiator: You’re able to get people to do the impossible.

    No is just the starting point of the conversation.

😄 About Nikil and Joe!

🕺 Background on Nikil and Joe

Hi! I’m Nikil! 👋 I grew up in a small town in Texas (Lubbock! 🤠) and had an absolute blast jumping bikes off of ramps we made, waking up at 3am to do math competitions on weekends, and street racing our parents minivans.

Coming to Stanford for college absolutely blew my mind in how fun living and hanging out with an awesome incredible community daily could be.

Joe and I met at Stanford and we spent many years building products to bring this community feel to everyone around the world.

We saw web3 and started working on Alchemy because we realized this was the technological shift of our lifetime and we could have as .

The two things I care about most in life are positively impacting life for everyone on the planet and having a blast with our team, friends, and family as we’re doing it.


Joe’s background is strikingly similar.

He was almost born in Lubbock (what are the chances!?!?) and his parents lived there for a while.

He ended up spending his first few years in Dallas and then grew up in a small town in Washington (Vancouver, WA).

Joe was a state champion swimmer in high school, is the biggest 🍟 McDonalds fan, and loves Taylor Swift.

Though he might have been known as “that buff asian dude at the gym” at Stanford, he was also one of those kids that effortlessly gets perfect grades undergrad and grad (he was an engineer but took organic chemistry – the pre-med weeder class – for fun and got an A+ 😂).

The rest of his bio is nearly identical to mine – we loved our Stanford community and bonded together to create that post college and then started Alchemy

🎉 Nikil and Joe’s Schedule & Work Style

I wake up between 6-7 in the morning, workout in the morning, head to the office and am there for most of the day till the evening.

I love, love, love being with the AlchemyFam in the office and if I’m in SF will do my absolute best to be there – not out of obligation but out of FOMO.

I’m always on and always thinking about Alchemy.

I prefer constant communication over text message and though I get 1000-5000 messages per day across different channels, will do my best to respond as quickly as I can.

Hanging out with my sister, family, friends, and AlchemyFam is my favorite thing and all free time gets dedicated to that.

I love playing sports (especially ultimate frisbee) and being outdoors (beach, sun, warm).

Alchemy, relationships, and health are my top priorities in life and everything I do is focused around growing one of those areas.

I love personal development, dance parties, reading, and standup comedy!

Joe’s schedule and work style and passions are nearly identical.

Seriously we could swap in for each other in almost any role or situation!


  • ! (note: haven’t really updated it for 10 yrs 😂)
  • My , ,


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  • Theme song: anything by Taylor Swift

Selected Press Articles, Podcasts, TV Appearances (Over 250 total)

About the Role: Tactical

What this role is

A high exposure, high trust, role working directly on the most important initiatives to help optimize my performance at Alchemy and in my life.

The CEO of Joe and Nikil.

Eventually we expect you to build out and run our personal team to help us live life at the next level and bring our best for Alchemy.

This is a chance to deeply understand from the inside what it’s like to build and run a hypergrowth company.

A chance to learn and grow in ways you’ve never even imagined.

An opportunity to have huge impact in a critical role at a world changing company.


What this role is NOT

This is not a “hold my hand and I’ll only do things when you tell me to do it” role.

It is also not a 9-5 job – you’re a right hand to the founders and founders don’t have regular hours.

It’s not a “clear cut objectives” role –> your actual work will change through the course of your tenure.

We’re also not a formal company.

I prefer texting over email, wear athletic clothes to the office, and use lots of emojis! 😄

🌎 About Alchemy

🙌 The Vision

is the web3 developer platform.

Web3 is the third world changing technology shift of the past 100 years – first computer, then internet, now web3.

Microsoft and Apple enabled people to build apps for the computer (through Windows & Mac).

We enable developers to build web3 apps.

Alchemy powers over $150 billion in transactions globally including and majority of top blockchain companies.

Alchemy is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Stanford University, Lightspeed, Silverlake, the Google Chairman, founders & execs of Charles Schwab, Linkedin, NYSE, and many more.

Alchemy was the fastest growing company in history last year and has one of the highest impact teams ever – 37 people operating a $10B company!

Two best resources to understand Alchemy (look at these! ):

Building a developer platform for the next generation of technology is how you impact life for every person on the planet.

There are 250MM companies globally, but the developer platforms for the computer and internet (Microsoft, Apple, Amazon) are the three most valuable companies in the world.

We can have this level of impact by providing the developer platform for web3 and bringing the benefits of this technology to the world.

❤️ AlchemyFam

Our favorite part of Alchemy is getting to work with the smartest, nicest, and most fun people every single day.

It truly feels like you’re hanging out with your family or your best friends in your college dorm.

We took the time to write out all of this because: 1) this role is extremely important and 2) we want to be very honest with what type of person will succeed in this role.

Does this light you up and get the fire burning inside of you?! (I know it would have for me if I saw this before I started Alchemy!)

We’d love to meet you if so! Please apply and send us a note about why you’d be a great fit at !