Founding Engineer (Full Stack)

  • Applications may have closed

What You’ll Do  🧠 

  • Join as a full stack engineer in our platform team
    This team owns everything to do with customer experience: our developer APIs, dashboard and SDK
  • Own features end-to-end with a focus on user experience, whilst being exposed to all areas of our product: smart contracts, crypto wallets, API (REST and GraphQL), user experience and infrastructure
  • Contribute to technical direction, architecture and tooling whilst influencing our technical and product roadmaps
  • Participate and shape an excellent engineering culture
  • Opportunity to be exposed to tier 1 clients in solutions and discovery calls

Who are we looking for?  💻 

We’re hiring a core team of founding engineers
We’re looking for the best people:

  • You’ve been exposed to complex frontends and know the React/TypeScript stack very well
  • You’re business minded and can understand and formulate complex business needs into technical requirements
  • You have at least three years commercial experience with Node
  • You’re slightly weighted towards the front end side of things
  • You’ve worked on products that have impacted millions of people
  • You’ve been in a zero-to-one environment or are prepared to dive in to one
  • You take pride in shipping high impact product and settle for nothing less
  • You champion a culture of engineering excellence
  • Bonus points for crypto experience

This is an owner role, not an employee role
You’ll bear the title of founding engineers, which means substantial equity upside and key contribution to the direction of the business

Tech stack:

  • Node
  • PostgreSQL
  • GraphQL
  • TypeScript
  • REST API (for our server)
  • TypeORM
  • AWS