Founding Full-Stack Engineer

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About You:

  • You’re chain native
    That means you know and understand blockchain data, logic, and structure intuitively as a function of exposure and experience
  • You’ve had multiple years of experience at early-stage startups (in Web3 or outside) and have been present as they matured and scaled
  • Or… You’re working and leading a team at Big Tech right now, and looking for a meaningful change
    Crypto incumbents included
  • In either case, you must have created and led small, focused teams across engineering and product
  • You are a humanitarian—you love reading and discussing ideas

Core Responsibilities

  1. Working with the CTO and engineering team to own product-deployment
  2. Full-stack product development, with emphasis on product, front-end and API optimization
  3. Structuring and delivering on sprint deadlines and goals

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