Founding Zero-Knowledge Proof Engineer

About Us

Axiom is using zero knowledge proofs to scale smart contract applications
Our team is building the first trustless solution for developers to access and run compute over all on-chain data
The product unlocks the ability to provide unlimited data and compute to smart contracts
This is critical infrastructure to help blockchain applications scale and will empower developers to build novel decentralized applications with the power of ZK

We are a small but incredibly strong team with ample funding from the best investors in crypto
We’re looking for exceptional people who are excited to work on challenging and impactful problems in a fast-paced environment
We have an office in NYC and have a preference for candidates based there but we are open to remote candidates too

The Role

We are looking for a Founding ZK Engineer who will implement and optimize cutting-edge cryptographic code for zero-knowledge proof generation
You will be working on interesting and challenging problems necessary to make ZK accessible to smart contract developers
The role will involve both optimizing the prover and implementing novel ZK circuits
Your work will be critical in scaling Axiom to empower smart contract applications to trustlessly access more data and more diverse compute

Who you are

  • You have a strong background in math/cryptography, or strong problem-solving skills and interest in zero-knowledge proofs

  • You have proficiency in Rust, C++, Golang, or Python
    We work primarily in Rust, but prior experience is not mandatory

  • You are extremely detail oriented and have a security mindset

  • You’ve worked on challenging software projects and have an eye for performance 

  • You’re a clear communicator and value collaboration

  • You have a strong bias towards action 

  • You have an extremely strong work ethic 


  • You have experience with VMs, programming languages, databases

  • You have experience with low-level details of Ethereum

We welcome diverse backgrounds
Some non-traditional profiles that may be a good fit include high-frequency trading, math/physics/CS academia, and hardware engineering

Why work with us

  • As a founding engineer, you’ll be one of the earliest employees with ownership to make key technical/product decisions

  • You’ll be working on groundbreaking tech that has the potential to be a key piece of infrastructure for the crypto industry

  • You’ll receive a competitive salary with equity

  • You will work with and receive mentorship from an exceptional team

Here is who you’d be working with: 


  • Did cutting edge research on probability and machine learning
      Professor at UChicago Statistics (on leave), MIT Math PhD, Harvard Math BA

  • Wrote some of the most performant ZK circuits for elliptic curve cryptography and Ethereum data reads (circom-ecdsa, zk-attestor, halo2-ecc)

  • Advised Gauntlet and Scroll and worked at an HFT startup from inception to profitable trading


  • Published number theory research in the top journals in math
      UChicago Math PhD, Harvard Math BA

  • Wrote some of the most performant ZK circuits for elliptic curve cryptography and Ethereum data reads (circom-pairing, halo2-ecc, axiom-eth)

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