Full Stack Engineer (MoonPay Studios)

  • Applications may have closed

The Discipline ❤️

Our engineering discipline builds the technology that enables MoonPay to learn quickly and scale easily
We organize in small cross-functional squads of 4-6 engineers and an embedded Product Manager, Product Data Analyst and QAE
We currently have squads across Crypto / NFT / Payments / KYC / Core Product and others
We’re pragmatic and believe in having fluid structure, this means people can move between teams or specialize

Tech Stack 💻 

  •  as our programming language of choice 
  •  as our backend platform
  • , ,  and  as our backend libraries
  •  as our core database
  •  for caching
  •  to manage background tasks
  •  to host our backend services
  • Some  services to send emails and store objects
  • with  for building our customer facing products
  •  and  to make our apps beautiful 💄
  •  to host our frontend apps
  • ,  and  for logging and monitoring
  •  to manage our source code

What you’ll do 👀

  • Architect and develop new and existing products and features
  • Work with Product Managers to come up with the best solutions and implementation plans for new features or changes to existing ones
  • Implement UX and UI in our customer facing app and sometimes design it yourself based on our existing design system and components
  • Scale our systems to support our ever growing partner and consumer base
  • Contribute to the estimations, planning and execution of  projects, features, and integrations
  • Integrate and work closely with external service providers to ensure smooth operation
  • Maintain and improve our existing codebase
  • Write fully tested, high quality and performant code on both backend and frontend

You should apply if ✅

  • You have extensive engineering experience at leading startups or fast growing tech companies
  • You are confident developing, releasing and maintaining web applications in a fast paced, iterative environment
  • You’re comfortable working a full stack role on the front and backend
  • You have either had experience with some of our tech stack or are confident you can cross train and up skill quickly
  • You’ve got a deep understanding of database structures, theories, principles, and best practices
  • You have cloud native experience with AWS or similar e
    g Google Cloud
  • Bonus points if you make open-source contributions or have experience in Web3 or FinTech

 has shown that women are less likely than men to apply for this role if they do not have solid experience in 100% of these areas
Please know that this list is indicative and that we would still love to hear from you even if you feel you only are a 75% match
Skills can be learnt, diversity cannot

We promote a diverse and inclusive culture at MoonPay

Logistics 🛠 

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer visas of any kind at this time!

Our interview process takes place on Google Hangouts and tends to consist of the following stages:

  • Recruiter call (20-30 minutes)
  • Initial screen (30-45 minutes)
  • Remote take-home task (role dependent)
  • Final interview (2 hours)

Please let us know if you require any accommodations for the interview process, and we’ll do our best to provide assistance