Fullstack Engineer(Web3, React, Node, Python)

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What you’ll do as a Fullstack Engineer at Syndr:

  • Develop high-performance trading interfaces and APIs (REST + Websockets)

  • Work on building critical trading infrastructure and components for our platform to support trade execution, order matching, risk management, settlements, and data analytics

  • Own the relationship with key stakeholders across the firm to inform the requirements, roadmap, and priorities

  • Be comfortable owning the system design, architecture, and implementation leaning on industry best practices

  • Be comfortable working under tight timelines to deliver critical business solutions, tooling, and analytics

✅ Requirements

  • 4+ years of professional hands-on experience with Javascript/Typescript, Nextjs, React, Node, ChakraUI and Python

  • Create responsive design systems from scratch

  • Expert knowledge of SQL-based databases

  • Experience building, securing, scaling, documenting, and deploying APIs (REST + Websockets)

  • Experience working in a dynamic, fast-paced environment

  • Experience with microservices architecture

  • Experience with Jupyter Notebooks, Postman, Postgres

  • Good with maths, statistics, and problem-solving

✅ You will stand out if you have…

  • Experience programming in Go

  • Experience with Web3 libraries – ethers/web3py

  • Experience with A/B testing

  • Experience working in financial services(TradFi/Crypto/DeFi)

  • Prior trading experience(in Traditional markets or crypto/DeFi), with knowledge of derivative products like futures, options, and perpetuals

  • Experience with other non-trading DeFi products like swaps, lending, etc

  • Experience working on trading systems and infrastructure

🤝 Values & How we work?

The entire crypto space doesn’t just move fast but is constantly accelerating
It’s hard building a DeFi product — it’s 24/7, 365 days a year, markets do not close, the ground beneath you can shift, assumptions can and do fail & risk of burning out is real

  • We take our product + brand very seriously

    • If we see even a small flaw in our product, we always ask ourselves – Why isn’t this perfect?

    • All members have perpetual autonomy to fix anything broken that we notice, and we do not wait for someone else to tell us what to do

  • Take extreme ownership of everything we do

    • If the team fails, everyone fails, so prioritize and execute

    • We think long-term, set big goals, and communicate with clear directions and goals to achieve them
      Everyone must understand not just what they’re doing but also why they are doing it

    • No Egos, lead by example, and mutual accountability

  • Strive for clear and simple communication – this is easier said than done but communicating the “why” of an issue is equally important as the “what

  • All meetings have an agenda, with outcomes clearly defined as tasks and call-to-actions

  • Prioritize all tasks by – what is more important for our users without compromising on any of the above goals

What we Offer

  • Unique opportunity to work with a small, focused & ambitious team on very interesting projects and get the level of responsibility and ownership that would be unlikely at any other project

  • Great company culture: informal, non-hierarchical, ambitious, highly professional yet collaborative and entrepreneurial

  • Sense of a Shared Mission

  • Work on the latest technology, equipment, and web3 stack with dedicated budgets

  • Flexible working hours

  • Annual team retreat

  • Competitive compensation

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