Hacker Talent Manager

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Why we need a Hacker Talent Manager

As Hacker Talent Manager you will be responsible for overseeing and supporting our community of elite hackers wherever possible to make their disclosure work as pleasant as possible, build their brands, and enhance their quality of experience on Immunefi. You will be managing a CRM to make them fall in love with Immunefi and what we can do for them.

This is a role that has a lot of freedom of movement; no one really knows how to do this ‘right’, so you’ll be free to run this as you see fit to achieve the best outcome.


  • Provide professional expertise and support in the design, development and implementation of the elite hacker talent engagement process that results in a pool of loyal, elite hackers
  • Create engaging content, including technical talks, blog posts, demos, and videos, that incentives elite hackers to work with Immunefi.
  • Host events glorifying and engaging elite hackers as needed.
  • Analyze data patterns of our hackers to best understand how to allocate resources to our elite hackers
  • Engage our entire internal bench of elite hackers to maximize their retention with Immunefi
  • Conduct interviews with media via phone, video, and in-person with elite hackers to better understand their needs and desires
  • Be a leader within Immunefi community, ideally one that inspires confidence in the rest of the Immunefi community
  • Engage in stunts that attract elite hackers to using Immunefi
  • Build a hacker talent team to expand a white glove experience to our entire elite hacker user base
  • Make product improvement requests to improve the experience of our elite hackers
  • Develop the metrics and KPIs to assess and optimize program and channel effectiveness.


  •  Superior verbal and written communication skills.
  •  A technical background 
  •  Excellent interpersonal, counseling, and negotiation skills.
  •  Strong organizational skills.
  •  Excellent leadership skills and proactivity; you will have freedom to execute your work as you see fit
  •  Strong analytical and critical thinking skills.


  • Experience and interest in the Crypto/Web3 space