Head of Marketing and Biz Dev



Your main goal = Grow our community.

You will be expected to know how to grow a community substantially, yet with a lean budget.

Almost anyone can throw money at it and get some results.

We’re looking for someone savvy and experienced who gets cost efficient results.

Here’s what you’ll be expected to do on the Marketing side:

  • Create and execute the marketing strategy with a lean budget.

  • Shape the messaging of the company – what we say and how we say it
  • Prepare content plans and article briefs, website etc.

  • Write content – you will be expected to write some content, as well as be super good at directing and editing writers to create stellar content for blogs, articles, PR, and socials.

    If you can’t do this at a high level, please DO NOT APPLY TO THIS POSITION.

  • Grow and manage the community
  • Mods management (what to say, how to say, what not to say, efficiency and professionalism, accuracy of information etc)
  • Manage external agencies that provide social media management and content
  • Oversee content (plans, topics, directing and editing of content)
  • Help plan and shape various initiatives for community engagement and growth hacking, then execute those initiatives.

  • Create marketing decks

And on the Business Development Side:

You’ll be expected to generate collaborations and partnerships for our products.

The main deliverable will be to engage and close potential whitelabel partners who will launch their own DeFi platform using our whitelabel model.

This includes KOLs, other blockchain companies and anything in between.

You need to know how to reach decision makers (not difficult in Web3), explain to them the value proposition, and close deals.

There’s no “selling” involved as they aren’t required to pay anything.

This is business development but you need to be the kind of person who can sell ice to a penguin.


  • You’ve done marketing before in DeFi.

    And can prove your results.

  • Experience in B2B business development
  • Strong growth instincts for outbound outreach to find and identify partners
  • Advanced knowledge about projects and new innovations in DeFi / blockchain industry
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, especially interacting with founders and CTOs
  • Experience in leading and creating the strategy for business development of high growth technology companies

  Advantage if you have: Experience and knowledge in trading systems