Human Centred Designer

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What is Menyala?

Menyala is a venture builder founded by Temasek, a global investment firm headquartered in Singapore
 We empower builders to drive technological shifts

What is the role?

Human Centred Designers are the voice of the user throughout the zero-to-one venture building process
As an end-to-end designer, you will drive the design thinking practices and user research of a multidisciplinary team from an opportunity area to an investable startup concept
You will wear the “desirability lens” to ensure we are delivering a compelling concept for target customers to address frictions and unmet needs


In this role, you will:

  • Human-Centered Design – Conduct comprehensive user research, utilizing a range of quantitative and qualitative methods, to inform and guide product development decisions, including tool selection, ethnographic interviews, concept testing, and market analysis
  • Design Thinking – Generate a wide variety of design materials, such as journey maps, personas, storyboards, hero screens, and prototypes, to effectively communicate user insights and proposed solutions, including mid-fidelity UX/UI designs for MVP development
  • UX/UI Design – Lead design thinking exercises and workshops, facilitating convergent and divergent sessions to address problem areas, generate concepts, and foster alignment among team members and stakeholders, while continuously refining your methodology
  • Strategic Decisioning – Facilitate data-driven strategic decision-making by synthesizing research findings to shape product direction and business strategy, informing problem definition, target segments, and concept development while empowering teams to confidently make informed decisions through curated activities and strategic discussions


We are looking for Human Centred Designers with the following:

  • Manages Complexity – We’re looking for someone who’s not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get hands-on with research and experimentation to help us prototype and test products, map out future strategies, and bring innovative ideas to life
    You should have a solid track record of making sure our user experiences hit the mark and successfully launching products and services
    Plus, we’d love to have someone with at least two years of experience leading creative projects to the finish line
  • Customer Focus – Do you have a deep knowledge and experience researching users, markets and products in support of developing products or features and testing for product-market fit and customer experience? Put your knowledge of HCI, cognitive biases, product localization, and behavioral psychology to work when crafting features, making decisions, and gauging product appeal and viability
  • Communicates Effectively – Own and execute research and design projects while having a strategic view of process improvements
  • Nimble Learning – You love tackling new challenges and learning on the fly
    No big deal whipping up those in-between UX/UI prototypes with style guides and component libraries
    Always up for a chat, not shy about asking questions and immersing yourself in new industries
    Having a deep understanding of decentralized and emerging tech is a plus
    Jumps in headfirst on research and design projects while thinking about how to tweak things for the better
  • Collaboration – Be a rock star at collaborating with all kinds of teams, even the ones with top-level folks, by running cool design thinking sessions and workshops that really shape decisions in Product, Engineering, Business Strategy, Marketing, and Sales

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