Inaugural Product Manager, NFT.Storage DAO

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Protocol Labs


We seek talented human catalysts with a passion for guiding teams to drive the technical, interpersonal, and organizational work that improves NFT
This involves the direct coordination of work and delivery, as well as the creation of scalable systems that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of this coordination in a fast-moving, high-growth, and distributed environment
Storage is quickly becoming a foundational piece of infrastructure for the NFT community
As the project converts into a DAO, we look for an early leader to help steward the product roadmap

Key Summary

We are hiring a Inaugural Product Manager to help drive and coordinate development of NFT
Storage, a public commons for NFT data built on top of IPFS and store data long-term in Filecoin
These products are built to meet web developers where they are today, providing best-in-class ease-of-use and performance, but remain trustless by addressing and storing data in a cryptographically provable way (, using to reference data and storing with Filecoin storage providers who generate )

We’re looking for a leader to help steward this project into its first steps of decentralization: helping to shape the product roadmap, grow the execution team, and coordinate technically complex solutions to solve user problems and needs
This coordination involves managing working with ecosystem partners, comprised of multiple open source development teams running a live production service with thousands of users and managing tens of millions of uploads

As the Inaugural Product Manager, you will partner with an interdisciplinary team who are deep experts in relevant areas like data structures, distributed protocols, and full-stack web development to design and build simple developer interfaces on top of resilient systems that incorporate web3 innovations
You will work closely with the product and engineering teams to define structured workplans, and ultimately be responsible for the successful execution and delivery of these projects
You will help chart the path and requirements for bringing on-chain infrastructure to help the NFT
Storage DAO fulfill its broader mission
You must be adaptive, execution-oriented, and able to succeed within a fast-paced environment

The Inaugural Product Manager is responsible for creating the project plan, schedule, and key milestones
You will work with the community to derive the product requirements and engineering leadership to determine technical scope and flag key dependencies
You will be responsible for the coordination and management of different working groups or stakeholders to deliver on the plan, as well as coordinating updates across and outside the team on key workstreams

You will also be responsible for improving and adapting processes to fit the needs of a quickly scaling organization
This might include helping restructure the project process (taking into consideration partner constraints and roadmap), implementing systems to make tracking and reporting more efficient, and building a team of TPMs or project managers

As the Inaugural Product Manager for NFT
Storage, you will… 

  • Lead the efficient delivery of cross-functional projects
  • Drive team decision-making on technical decisions and ensure that appropriate resources are employed to deliver high quality results
  • Identify, assess, track and mitigate issues and risks at multiple levels
  • Create, maintain and disseminate product roadmaps – deriving requirements from all stakeholder groups
  • Drive execution of projects
  • Lead cross functional project meetings, communication, and decision making for an organization that spans multiple time zones
  • Drive quarterly goal setting, prioritization, and individual work coordination
  • Lead revision and restructure of delivery processes and systems as the organization grows

You may be a fit for this role if…

  • You are comfortable collaborating with engineers, understanding web3 technology, and developing a good intuition and frameworks for decision-making
  • You are experienced in gathering requirements, developing specifications, and driving execution
  • You can drive effective teamwork, communication, collaboration and commitment across multiple disparate groups
  • You have product and project management experience in large-scale production systems
  • You have experience managing hardware/software product releases
  • You have proven success of influencing and developing productive working relationships with diverse technical teams and stakeholders
  • You have experience leading 3rd party teams, engineering teams, and business stakeholders

Bonus Points: 

  • Experience managing technical teams
  • Working with distributed teams
  • Experience working in Open Source projects
  • Experience working in volunteer-led organizations
  • Demonstrated ability to manage project/task prioritization, project planning and schedule development
  • Leadership roles in DAO and thoughts around DAO governance
  • Strong technical and problem solving skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills