KOL/Influencer Manager

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CMC is looking for a KOL/Influencer Manager/Maestro
This Super Star will be responsible for launching CoinMarketCap’s Influencer Program 0 → 1; then to 100
You will build a KOL-database, set up KOL-management programs, and ultimately reach out to these Influencers
Get to know the top Influencers in the cryptoverse
Hang out with the CoinMarketCap team

  • Create & Manage a KOL/Influencer Program
    • Content Creation Program
    • Club Influencer Program
    • Local “Hero/Volunteer” Program
    • Distributing Token/Diamond Rewards
    • > Bonus Factor: MySQL, Database Knowledge
  • Create & Organize a KOL/Influencer Database
    • Find up-and-coming KOLs
    • Track KOL clout (Followers)
    • Track CRM outreach progress (Contacted/Onboarded/etc)
    • > Bonus Factor: Web Scraping Knowledge
  • Set up a system for outreaching KOLs
    • Email/Pitch Writing (Ability to craft convincing sales copywriting)
    • Pitch-Deck Creation/Design/Optimization
    • Setting up calls (Best suited for extroverted/sociable people)
    • > Bonus Factor: Knowledge in CRM Tools (Hubspot/Salesforce/MailShake/etc)


  • 3~5 years experience in KOL/Influencer/Affiliate related roles
  • Keen sense and understanding of the crypto market in general
    Experience in the blockchain/crypto space is a MUST
  • Native or Fluent English language is a MUST
  • Demonstrates a clear and concise style of communication, with a creative/fun spin when relevant
  • Strong sense of responsibility and resistance to stress
    Self-motivated and results-oriented
  • Experience working on a remote team is preferred