Lead Information Security Specialist

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We’re seeking a motivated and experienced Lead Information Security Specialist to join our team
In your first 90 days, you’ll be challenged to:

  • Co-develop a v2 risk framework for data handling in our org
  • Revise and apply our SOPs for evaluating new tools and procedures to mitigate the risks according to the framework
  • Manage information system policies and compliance
  • Automate compliance reporting processes and access policies

Role Responsibilities

  • Answer questions that come into #security, directing them to company SOPs where possible
  • Write company policies relating to security and revise where needed
  • Write training materials and work with our People Operations team to ensure training is delivered & received
  • Think from first principles to determine what the likely risks are to our company
    Prioritize the risks by likelihood and impact
  • Design security projects to address the biggest risks
    Get exec buy-in on the effort required and the business case for the work
  • Work with internal project operations teams to plan, organize and deliver security related project work
  • Take responsibility for setting up user permissions on new & existing software, applications and tools 
  • Meticulously maintain Organizational Units to match how people group themselves into teams across the company, their needed tools, and their risks
  • Think about how to reduce the need for trusted individuals in the riskiest systems
    Work with engineers to define solutions
    Work with product to get them prioritized in the engineering/product roadmap

Applicant Requirements

  • Show us your ability to learn fast and achieve deep mastery
    We don’t expect a perfect fit on experience, but with the right learning ability, you’ll make a great fit on skills in a short amount of time
  • Pro in navigating cloud software consoles
    The tools we use are endlessly changing, and a good sense of where to look and what changes to make are necessary
    We expect a fair amount of interface fluency if your foundations are strong
  • Possess excellent writing skills
    The potential to grow your role is dependent on your SOP and code documentation habits
    When you document clearly and diligently, others can take over your responsibilities to free you up for new ones
    We also work across a variety of timezones, so often you’ll need to communicate async with people across the org
  • Ability to explain technical concepts to non-technical people
    You’ll need the cooperation of your peers, and it’s most easily assured if you can explain the why and the goal
  • Ability to make the business case for security spend
    Demonstrating the value of security investments to the business is critical for securing resources and support

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