Localization Translator



The Localization Translator is responsible for the translation and proofreading of a wide variety of games-related material, such as website content, templates, packaging, press releases, and all other marketing materials in the language of expertise
The tasks of the Localization Translator include but are not limited to: Translating and editing grammar, punctuation, spelling, style, and language-specific slang in the language of expertise

The following languages are included in our translation services: English, Arabic, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, French, Filipino (Tagalog), Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian, Japanese, Polish, Korean, Hindi, Spanish, German, Urdu (Pakistan), Malay, Nepali, Bengali, Italian, Dutch, Burmese


  • Support localization specialists, editing team, and coordinators as required
  • Slang expressions for different kind of situations