Master’s in Data Science Internship

Master’s in Data Science Internship

We are inviting selected students (MS) in Data Science to be part of pioneering the cloud, data, AI and web3 space
You will have the opportunity to contribute to the development of one of the world’s first large-scale open data clouds and analytics engines
Openmesh is a dedicated global initiative that brings together brilliant minds in the tech industry to create open data and open infrastructures that will be pivotal in shaping the next 10-20 years

This internship can be used for your 400 hours of industry experience (PEP 40)
This is a 2-12 weeks paid internship to begin soon
The role will take place in our Sydney George St
Unlock your career potential by working with a world class team, opportunities for permanent job placements, competitive salaries, and exciting cash prize competitions!

About Openmesh and Xnode

Today a handful of corporations control 90% of the world’s data and IT infrastructure and we are expected to trust them
This is not just bad for business; it’s bad for everyone
Information asymmetry has led to social inequality, scandals, polarization, and corruption
Sometimes, it has even led to war
Centralized data control acts as a potential chokepoint for innovation, raises privacy concerns, and creates a bottleneck for the free flow of data

Openmesh is a cutting-edge new open-source cloud infrastructure and a global open data network aimed at storing important global data without a middleman
It is the largest open web3 data lake, covering approximately 80% of the entire crypto and web3 ecosystem today
In 2023 and 2024, we aim to expand our data coverage to include public health and scientific research data

Openmesh enables anyone to create their own decentralized data cloud, connect globally, share data securely, slash deployment costs, and automate data cloud setup
The Openmesh Network is designed to collect, store, process, stream, and provide data connectivity for anyone, anywhere, anytime, without the need for registration, licensing, or payments
Think of Openmesh as the internet’s open data fabric
It grants universal access and prevents interferences created by regulators, governments, corporations, and even its own creators
The possibilities are endless

Core Products

Our flagship product, Xnode, is an integral part of this vision, offering a revolutionary platform for developers to build decentralized data clouds
Xnode, enables developers to build their own decentralized data clouds with data connectivity, data APIs, and query & analytics engines in mere minutes, instead of weeks or months
They pay only for computing and storage, sidestepping licensing and setup fees
Xnode facilitates a 10-15 fold cost reduction in running and operating data clouds and can save over 95% of deployment time

Pythia is a powerhouse analytics & query engine that transforms raw data into actionable insights
Pythia allows anyone to design, build, visualize, and deploy powerful data products

Unified APIs provide a single endpoint for all crypto & web3 data, making it accessible to anyone, anywhere, without any costs
There are no licenses, registrations, or setup fees involved

Our vision

Our vision is to democratize data and address information asymmetry at a scale
Data & information is the most valuable commodity in the world
Without quality, reliable data, all webpages, apps, and the entire internet will stop working
We believe access to reliable, unedited information is a fundamental right- an aspect of a free and democratic society
The Core Principles of Openmesh, by design, has no single authority that can alter its data, how the information is distributed or controlled, or who can see what and when
The infrastructure and entire technology stack is open-source and governed by an open-source community

The opportunity

  • Learn groundbreaking innovations in Data, Cloud, Blockchain, AI, and Web3 Infrastructure from visionaries, and discover what your dream job is really like
  • You will be given access to our technology, hackathons, virtual conferences, mentoring sessions, R&D infrastructure, workshops, and an opportunity to observe and apply your knowledge in practice
    You have the option to work in person or remotely
  • Gain on-the-job experience
    You’ll be assigned a project that will develop your problem-solving skills, teach you how to present your ideas, work with a team, and think like a professional
  • The specialized knowledge and skills you gain through the program will prepare you for a successful career at Openmesh
  • Top-performing candidates will receive a full-time offer and a chance to win cash prizes from our mini-hackathon series


  • Work on data analysis projects to derive meaningful insights
  • Assist in the development and implementation of machine learning models
  • Collaborate with the data science team on various tasks


  • Pursuing or completed Master’s in Data Science
  • Proficiency in programming languages (Python, R)
  • Basic understanding of machine learning concepts
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

Why Join Us

  • Lead a revolutionary product that is reshaping the landscape of data management and accessibility
  • Collaborate with a global community of innovators and thought leaders in the decentralized space
  • Make a significant impact on how data is accessed and utilized worldwide, promoting transparency, efficiency, and democratization
  • Enjoy a dynamic, challenging, and rewarding work environment, along with competitive compensation and benefits

Beyond academic skills, we are most interested in what makes you unique: the personal qualities, outside interests and achievements beyond university that demonstrate the kind of person you are and the difference you will bring to the team

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