Product Manager – Gaming (Splore)

What is Splore?

Founded and funded by Temasek and Menyala, Splore is an early-stage venture focused on reimagining search and discovery for the new generation

Splore is developing a next-generation AI-powered search engine for the digital generation
It caters to their diverse passions and interests—not just anime, comics, and gaming—but also knowledge and information to meet everyday demands, providing a personalised and engaging search experience through its proprietary platform
Crafted by experts in machine learning, distributed systems, and consumer applications, blends data from the web with “walled garden” information to provide diverse, tailored results

Our mission is to be the knowledge and discovery engine for this generation, pioneering a new way of discovering and engaging with information in a world that is increasingly digital and diverse in its interests

What is the role?

Product Development and Roadmapping:

  • Collaborate closely with key business and technical stakeholders to create a shared vision and understanding of product requirements, driving the development of the product roadmap
  • Lead projects spanning from discovery to design, development, testing, release, and post-launch analysis within AI, Search and ACG space (Anime, Comic, Gaming)

Market Research and Analysis:

  • Conduct thorough market research to identify emerging trends, player preferences, and competitive landscape within the gaming industry
  • Champion a ‘best in class’ user experience through meticulous customer experience optimization and rigorous multivariate testing

User Experience and Testing:

  • Collaborate with UX/UI designers to ensure that gaming products offer an exceptional user experience and interface
  • Assist in the planning and execution of user testing, including A/B testing and user feedback sessions

Cross-Functional Collaboration:

  • Work closely with cross-functional teams including design, engineering, data science, and marketing to ensure seamless product development and delivery
  • Facilitate effective communication and coordination between departments to achieve project milestones


We are looking for Product Managers with the following:

  • Strategic Mindset You have worked on early-stage products in a 0 to 1 environment, where there is no defined concept yet
    An expert in product discovery and development, you’ll cover aspects from user research to go-to-market strategy
  • Situational Adaptability You thrive in the dynamic world of startups where things can be ambiguous and scrappy
    You’ve got a knack for expertly managing timelines, stakeholders and schedules to achieve those significant milestones
    Your resourcefulness is what sets you apart!
  • Passion for Gaming – Deep understanding of gaming trends and player preferences
    Interest in Anime and Comic is a huge plus! Working in gaming-related industry is a bonus
  • Communication skills – Exceptional communication and presentation abilities, with the capacity to convey complex ideas effectively and influence key stakeholders
  • User-focused – Demonstrated passion for creating exceptional user experience
    Profound understanding of customer interactions and user journeys
  • Engineering curious – Fluent in seamlessly communicating with Engineering teams, with deep understanding of technical nuances and a knack for tinkering with emerging technologies

Join our passionate team and be at the forefront of revolutionizing content discovery for the next generation
Together, we’ll transcend the boundaries of traditional search and empower users to explore content in this new era

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