Product Manager, IP Stewards

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Protocol Labs


About the IP Stewards Team

Our mission is to set direction/standards for projects, protocols, and architecture as well as cultivate a vibrant contributing community specifically for IPFS, libp2p and IPLD.  To achieve this we steward the protocols & implementations, work with project teams to integrate features, keep PL open source projects healthy, design and implement OSS processes, insist on the highest standards, spot and resolve conflicts between teams, features, etc.

Product Management at Protocol Labs 

Engineering at Protocol Labs is not just about writing world-class code. We create software systems that tackle significant challenges. In re-decentralizing the web, we work on hundreds of open source projects pursuing everything from research to end-user products. Product Management at Protocol Labs is focused on creating the feedback systems and product strategy approaches that inform this engineering work to maximize impact to the broader decentralized web movement. Product Managers at Protocol Labs engage deeply with the engineering teams building technical breakthroughs, and the communities that make them run!

As a Product Manager at Protocol Labs, you will…

  • Work closely with teams working on Stewards and help them with product fit
  • Facilitate the work of our early builders and developers on the Stewards stack
  • Communicate development team progress to key stakeholders throughout the community
  • Collect and synthesize community feedback to guide engineering priorities and product strategy
  • Organize and participate in community governance, public presentations, and go to market execution

You may be a fit for this role if you have….

  • Experience building products &  communities in open source projects.
  • Experience with go to market strategy for developer ecosystems / APIs (ideally in web3)
  • Familiarity with smart contract technologies and/or crypto-related projects.
  • A level of comfort speaking at conferences and developer summits.
  • Strong written communication skills in short form, medium form, and long form.
  • Strong public communication and stakeholder management.

Bonus Points

  • Experience with blockchain go to market strategy
  • Experience running events & early adopter programs for developers
  • Experience with Smart contracts, EVM, WASM