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Project Assistant

Location: Remote (CET) 

Parity is one of the world’s most experienced core blockchain infrastructure companies, having built and pioneered some of the most advanced technologies in the blockchain sector
Parity was founded by Dr
Gavin Wood, co-founder and former CTO of Ethereum, the primary engineer behind the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), inventor of the Solidity programming language, and primary author of the Ethereum Yellow paper

Based in Berlin, London, and Lisbon with over 340 employees worldwide, Parity has built clients for Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Zcash and has pioneered a completely new, next-generation blockchain protocol with Polkadot and the framework it’s built with, Substrate
Parity builds the open-source technologies needed to power an unstoppable, decentralised web—known as Web3—and helps developers and organisations implement and build upon the Web3 tech stack

About the team:

The Governance team focuses on streamlining processes to make governance easier
We focus on projects like runtime upgrades by the community, parameter configuration proposals, and treasury proposals
Taking into account the developments of the ecosystem as a whole, we work with the community in education, government participation, and discussion to provide direction to the Kusama and Polkadot networks

About the position:

  • You’ll support the team with determining the legitimacy of treasury applications and deliverables of grantees
    By reviewing documentation and quickly understanding different (technology) stacks, you’ll decide whether all requirements have been met
  • You’ll work closely with internal and external teams on integrations and various tasks—ranging from event proposals/evaluations to network security operation tasks and bounties
    You’re the bridge between the Engineering and EcoDev teams
  • You’ll provide research assistance and maintain day-to-day project management activities
  • You’ll prepare detailed project plans to schedule key project milestones, workstreams, and activities
    You maintain quality control and consistency throughout the project’s development to ensure that the highest standards are met
  • You’ll manage changes to the project scope, schedule, and costs using inspection, demonstration, testing, and analysis verification techniques
  • You’ll build and engage with communities to further project reach and participation
    Team members and key stakeholders can come to you with questions and for support on decisions, feature requests, proposal submission processes, etc
  • You continuously monitor industry trends and landscape to distribute technical information to the community
  • You’ll gather, analyse, document, and standardise work processes—especially focused on the governance side of the networks
  • You’ll conduct post-project evaluation and identify successful (and unsuccessful) project elements

About you:

  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of blockchain technologies and applications
  • Understanding of various players in the broader Polkadot ecosystem
    You’ll learn about their missions and visions to better understand and support these teams
  • People-person with proven ability to successfully manage and oversee relationships with many external parties
  • Experience with systematic evaluation of technology projects
  • Ability to determine the legitimacy of treasury (grant) applications, as well as deliverables from the teams
  • Experience and skills to work with complex, changing topics while ensuring high-quality output
    You know the industry’s best practices, technologies, and standards and use them throughout the entire project execution
  • Ability to perform well in a fast-paced, at times, stressful environment
  • Experience using HubSpot to assist the team with user/team management
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills in English (fluent or mother tongue)


  • Knowledge of community chat platforms, integrations and related tools (Discord, Element, Reddit, forums, etc
  • Understanding of DAO governance or DAO project management in any capacity

About working for us:

For everyone who joins us:

  • Competitive remuneration packages, including tokens (where legally possible), based on iterative market research
  • Remote-first, a global work environment with flexible hours
  • Collaborative, fast-paced, and self-initiating culture designed to mimic an open-source workflow
  • Energising and collaborative team and company retreats all over the world
  • Opportunity to learn more about Web3 while on the job, with access to some of the brightest minds in this space; we have plenty of educational initiatives such as internal sessions, all-hands, AMAs, hackathons, etc
  • Teammates who are genuinely excited about their job, impact, and Parity’s mission
  • Opportunity to relocate to Germany or Portugal

For those joining us as employees in Germany, Portugal, or the U

  • 28 paid vacation days per year
  • Work laptop (macOS or Linux-based) and equipment to enable you to work successfully
  • £2,500 yearly learning and development budget for conferences or courses of your choice

Not a perfect match to our requirements? We’re still excited to receive your application and hear how you think you can help us achieve our mission

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