Protocol Advocate Intern (Summer 2022)

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This is a paid internship

Wake up (gm), check CT, check Discord, check floor prices, check again. Prepare coffee #1 (unless matcha is your thing). Hang out in Telegram with project teams and founders. Find out what analysis they need. Jam with the best on-chain analysts out there. Read their work. Add your own insights. Share it with the world. Consume coffee #2-37. Dive deep into ecosystems. Map them out. Spot trends. Find awesome projects. Help them win. Rinse and repeat.

Protocol Advocates champion the crypto projects of Flipside’s partners, and ensure we do everything we can to deliver on opportunities and drive success in their community.


  • Develop and maintain regular communications with crypto projects, the Flipside analytics and bounty teams, and our community of over 12,000 analysts
  • Ensure the CEA program is delivering on promised outcomes for protocol partners
  • Be the internal champion for your partners and articulate & advocate for their needs
  • Translate projects’ analytics needs into clear requirements for analysts & cycle finished analysis back to project teams, founders, Discord communities, and Twitter
  • Become an ecosystem expert! Stay involved in project communities & create ecosystem maps, including hot projects, opportunities, important players, influencers, etc.
  • Monitor your ecosystems & identify opportunities for Flipside teams to drive value to partner teams & projects, the analyst community, Web3 ecosystems
  • Document & maintain important information and be able to source it easily and quickly
  • Present your research to Flipside internal teams & make recommendations to help drive new programs & tools and inform strategic initiatives


  • Relationship-driven. Web3 runs on relationships – we’ll rely on you to build trust with busy partner teams by displaying empathy and accountability
  • Crypto-native; strong preference for Algorand, Avalanche, Osmosis and Flow, but demonstrable passion & experience for SushiSwap, Polygon and THORChain will be considered
  • Demonstrated engagement in Web3 communities (Discord, Twitter, Telegram)
  • Supreme organizational skills are a must-have
  • Friendly & positive attitude (you’ll spend a lot of your days talking to people)
  • Very strong communication skills, both written and spoken
  • Data literacy (SQL/R/Python/Solidity are nice to have but not mandatory)
  • Open to full-time or part-time roles

About Us

Flipside’s bounty program is a “win-win-win” model: top projects get amazing analysis tailor-made to meet their needs; on-chain analysts get paid in crypto tokens to build their brand & develop expertise; and Flipside grows an ever-expanding network of analytical minds.

The Flipside bounty program, known as CEA – “Community Enabled Analytics” – is proof of work, taken to a whole new level. Via, Flipside has developed a global, decentralized network of analysts who’ve built deep expertise on L1 protocols via the “learn to earn” model. These analysts support each other and collaborate to tackle the changing needs of Web3 projects.

At its heart, the Protocol Advocacy team is about maintaining and supercharging the virtuous cycle that CEA creates. Protocol Advocates have a deep understanding of partner projects: what project teams need, what’s important to communities, and how the ecosystem is developing. They work with projects to translate pain points into analytical tasks. Then, they help identify and cultivate analysts who can tackle these tasks. Web3 is all about relationships, and so are Protocol Advocates. A big part of the job is “relationship marketing”: ensuring that great analysis is widely shared with partner projects and communities.

“Client success” is very different in Web3 vs. Web2, but this role will help define a gold standard for supporting awesome projects & analysts to become wildly successful.

About You

You’re awesome: engaged, passionate about Web3, hungry, humble. You understand and respect the power of on-chain data, even if you’re not a coder yourself.