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What is PLN Launchpad?

PLN Launchpad is a six-week, full-time onboarding program designed to train, develop, and match technical talent at scale with opportunities in Web3 across the Protocol Labs Network (PLN).

Launchpad aims to help accelerate non-Web3 talent into this new frontier and help web3-savvy contributors quickly ramp up their InterPlanetary web3 knowledge, grow strong PL Network community bonds, and find their best-fit role in the PL Network.  

Want to learn more about the structure? 

  • 6 week cohort-based program
  • 1 in-person colocated week for cohort bonding & community
  • 50% learning talks + videos | 50% hands-on development (bug fixing + personal projects)
  • 1:1 mentorship from core protocol stewards to support participants as they complete the curriculum and match with PLN companies
  • Live access to Filecoin, IPFS, & libp2p experts as trainers, lecturers, and mentors

What will I achieve if I complete the program?

  • A clear understanding of the vision, open challenges, and diverse teams across the PL Network
  • A deep-dive on each of IPFS, libp2p, IPLD, Filecoin, & the web3 dev tools built on them – facilitated by core devs and protocol stewards
  • Support landing multiple OSS contributions to core protocols and tooling, guided by a senior mentor within the PLN
  • A personal project that highlights your interests and learning, prototyping potential role matches now or in the future
  • Strong community bonds with mentors, facilitators, and fellow cohort members
  • A role fit within the PLN that excites, fuels, and challenges you every day! 

Do I have to pay for this program?

  • No – technical talent selected for Launchpad will receive a full-time salary during the program and have all expenses covered. The salary will be based on a candidate’s experience and technical performance in our interview process. 

How do I know if I would be a good candidate for Launchpad?

  • Launchpad accepts a range of experience profiles – from highly experienced operators and developers looking to break into web3, to recent masters/PhD graduates looking to kickstart their web3 career.
  • Launchpad candidates should either:
    1. Have a strong engineering background in a relevant technical domain (distributed systems, networking, data structures, production engineering/benchmarking, productivity tools development, distributed devops, etc)
    2. Have a strong startup operations or technical program management background with experience spinning up new 0-1 projects in a high-growth environment
  • If either of the above sound like you, please apply and tell us more about yourself!
  • All Launchpad candidates should be high-growth, collaborative, and ready to learn quickly!