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Sour Capital


Role & Responsibilities

We are seeking a highly motivated Analyst who is looking to join a small, but high impact team
As an Analyst, you will analyze public networks & protocols, emerging trends in our industry, and play a key role in our research and investment decisions

You must already be well versed in crypto — while you will learn from us, we’ll also be looking to learn from you
You will be at the forefront of what’s happening in the space

Ideally, you are someone who has a technical background, is comfortable with independently gaining insight from data
You are comfortable working both independently and collaboratively

Some Key Responsibilities

  • Perform fundamental and data-driven research of public networks & protocols while keeping ahead of emerging trends within the crypto industry
  • Proactively source and identify new investment opportunities, primarily in the areas of DeFi, infrastructure, and gaming, while also exploring and presenting innovative ideas in other emerging investment verticals
  • Conduct rigorous due diligence on investment prospects to drive investment decisions
  • Actively engage with relevant communities through various platforms like X (Formerly Twitter), Discord, Telegram, etc
    , to gather insights and information that can be leveraged for investment decisions
  • Prepare comprehensive written materials, such as research & investment memos, detailed reports, and presentations to communicate findings and recommendations to the team, shareholders, and the community


  • Extensive Crypto Knowledge: Possess in-depth understanding of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3 technologies
    This serves as the foundational expertise for the role
  • Strong Analytical Skills: Display exceptional analytical abilities, including attention to detail, to deeply understand project fundamentals and assess potential investments
  • Hands-on Degen: Have hands-on experience interacting with decentralized finance protocols and public networks
  • Effective Communication: Exhibit strong written and verbal communication skills (English) for creating comprehensive reports, memos, and interacting with community and team members
  • Intellectual Curiosity and Adaptability: Demonstrate a strong intellectual curiosity and a willingness to take on new challenges and ownership, including the ability to explore and suggest innovative ideas in emerging investment verticals


  • Code Savvy: Demonstrable experience in programming languages like Python, empowering you to analyze blockchain data effectively and create custom tools for in-depth analysis
  • Smart Contract Expertise: Demonstrated ability to comprehensively review and interpret smart contracts, providing an added layer of depth to your investment due diligence process
  • Data Analytics Pro: Proficiency in data analysis tools such as Dune or Flipside Crypto, equipping you to extract actionable insights from complex blockchain and cryptocurrency data sets

What We Offer

  • A competitive salary package that comes with a base salary and includes performance-based bonuses, to acknowledge and reward your hard work and contributions
  • Enjoy the freedom of 100% remote work with flexible working hours, offering you the autonomy to manage your time and work environment
  • Participate in team meet-ups in Singapore or other global locations, to connect, collaborate, and celebrate achievements
  • Join a dynamic, small team where each member plays a significant role, ensuring that your contributions directly influence the company’s success

How to Apply

Prepare to submit your resume/CV and a 1-3 page investment pitch highlighting the crypto asset you are most bullish about and strongly recommend for investment at this moment

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