Rust Cryptography Engineer for Lurk

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Protocol Labs


A โ€œRust Cryptography Engineer for Lurkโ€ will support the development of the Lurk programming language, a Turing-complete language for zk-SNARKs
The ideal candidate for this job will have experience writing zk-proofs or zk-proof adjacent software in Rust, as Lurk expression evaluation, proving, and verification are done in Rust

Job Responsibilities…

  • Work closely with the current Lurk engineering team, a technical program manager, and core collaborators to support the growth of the language
  • Invest significant time in learning and understanding the current Lurk language and understanding its trajectory
  • Maintain and develop the code base
  • As needed:
  • Write Lurk circuits in Rust
  • Support and improve Nova integration and other proving backends
  • Work directly in or with forks of external repositories on which Lurk depends (, , )
  • Author new libraries to improve manual and automated creation of efficient circuits/witnesses
  • Engage with research literature and researchers to ensure the correct deployment of new technologies

You might be a good fit for this job if you…

  • are excited by cutting-edge cryptography
  • have experience coding cryptographic circuits
  • love working in Rust
  • have been a part of open source collaborations across organizations and repositories
  • are familiar with the landscape and technology of zk-SNARKs
  • grok why a Turing-complete language for recursive zk-SNARKs is significant
  • are familiar with one or more SNARK proving systems (Lurk currently supports Groth16 and will soon support Nova proofs)
  • want to turn cryptography research into working tech