Security & Compliance Architect

Protocol Labs


Security & Compliance Architect at Protocol Labs

We seek a senior security and compliance architect to develop and implement security best practices within our team while streamlining compliance and reducing risk across our network of teams.The Security & Compliance Architect strengthens and protects our community by applying a deep knowledge of security best practices and a strategic understanding of the needs of decentralized communities. This may include conducting security audits of applications and software, supervising or directly managing systems, developing and delivering training, working with leads and developers to understand and strengthen security and compliance posture, crafting decentralized compliance incentive mechanisms, and more.

This role is about solving complicated business and security challenges, and requires both extensive leadership experience and hands-on technical competence. The ideal candidate will have a demonstrated ability to engage with a diverse group of stakeholders, identify and reconcile conflicting priorities, and generate lasting consensus. The ideal candidate will also have extensive experience configuring, managing, and auditing SaaS technology systems.

As a Security and Compliance Architect at Protocol Labs you will…

  • Provide information and operational security policy leadership and enablement within our team and across our decentralized community 

  • Generate consensus at senior organizational levels as well as across diverse technology-oriented communities

  • Apply first principles to transform legacy security best practices to meet the needs of decentralized and autonomous digital communities

  • Develop and implement policy controls in an open source software development company

  • Define, build, and maintain robust privacy, compliance, and security reporting tools and metrics for decision makers across the community

  • Develop security and policy-related educational and training materials for community audiences

  • Administer Google Vault and other SaaS policy management, data retention, and collection tools
  • Administer, secure, and audit SaaS systems including Google Workspace, Slack, Discord, Notion, Zoom, Github, Matrix, and others.

Bonus points…

  • Active participation in a DAO or related community governance model

  • Leadership or consulting experience in the web3/blockchain ecosystem

  • Professional security certification (CISM, CISSP, etc.)