Senior Backend Engineer / Tech Lead (TypeScript)

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This role presents an opportunity to be an early and significant contributor to a project that we believe will be important in its own right

 is an open-source typescript-based deployment system for the Solidity ecosystem
We are moving from private alpha to public beta and will be concentrating over the next year on gaining users by adding useful features based on user feedback that are robust, well-documented, and delightful
We are a small team (2 people currently) with lots still to be defined and lots to do

This is a fully-remote role, and we’re open to candidates applying within UTC+2 to UTC-4 timezones

In this role, you will be:

  • Designing and implementing large new features based on our roadmap

  • Writing up documents and tutorials to explain new features to our users

  • Managing releases

  • Supporting and mentoring other developers on the team

  • Providing bug fixes via GitHub issues and support via our discord channel and telegram group

  • Shaping the roadmap to get us to our goal of being the best deployment system in Ethereum as judged by the community

Tech stack:

  • TypeScript

  • Node

  • Ethereum / EVM

  • Solidity

  • Ethers

  • Hardhat

The skills we look for:

  • At least 5 years of experience as a software engineer

  • 2+ years of working with TypeScript

  • Knowledge and experience with Node

  • Experience working with Ethereum/EVM

  • We work remotely and mostly asynchronously, so the ability to take ownership and work with minimal direction is crucial

  • As this is an early-stage project, we are seeking a teammate who is comfortable adapting to changing requirements

  • Prior experience working in a remote and globally-distributed environment

  • Experience in leading projects & mentoring other team members

The advantages you can attain from this opportunity:

  • You’ll have a chance to work on a core component of the Ethereum stack and support the entire Ethereum ecosystem to be more productive

  • Contribute to Ethereum as a project

  • Service the needs of high-profile projects that use Hardhat

  • All of your work will be open-source, and you’ll have the chance to collaborate with other open-source projects (both inside and outside Ethereum)

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