Senior BlockOps Engineer (Golang) – Sygma

ChainSafe Systems


is a leading blockchain research and development firm specializing in infrastructure solutions for the decentralized web
Alongside its contributions to significant ecosystems such as Ethereum, Polkadot, Filecoin, Mina, and more, ChainSafe creates solutions for developers and teams across the web3 space utilizing our expertise in , , NFTs, and  As part of the mission to build innovative products for users and better tooling for developers, ChainSafe embodies an open-source and community-oriented ethos

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Here’s what you need to know before reading on:

  • Our progressive tech stack includes Go, Rust, and TypeScript
  • We spearhead ecosystem projects like , , , , and
  • We are global, remote-friendly, and open to contractors
  • You’ll form part of the Sygma Engineering team, our bridging protocol
  • At Sygma we believe that cross-chain interoperability is the fundamental enabler for the next wave of growth in the blockchain industry
    Sygma will empower builders to create streamlined experiences where users are not confined to one ecosystem
    By enabling elaborate cross-chain functionality and putting most of the steps under the hood, Sygma will enable smooth, web2-like user experiences
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At ChainSafe, you’ll be part of a team that believes in the community’s vital importance and contributes to advancing humanity with open-source and decentralized technology

About the role

As our Senior BlockOps engineer for Sygma, our cross-chain interoperability protocol, you will play a vital role in our dedicated BlockOps team, defining and implementing best-practice strategies and guides to manage and optimize our infrastructure

The BlockOps team supports the critical systems, services, and tooling at the foundation of Sygma’s mission, to abstract away all the complexities of cross-chain interoperability to enable users to ‘deposit from anywhere’
We enable Sygma’s engineers to design, develop, and operate services quickly, safely, securely, and reliably
BlockOps teams build and maintain the platforms critical to the existence of Sygma

Your expertise will undoubtedly contribute to the sophistication of blockchain applications and redefine the boundaries of what’s possible within this emerging technological sphere
All work across Sygma will be open-source, ensuring expansive opportunities for deep contribution and collaborative efforts across various web3 blockchains and ecosystems


What you will be doing

  • Ensure reliable operation of the company’s distributed Relayer nodes operations across various blockchain networks (EVM, Substrate, Cosmos SDK) while adhering to internal SLAs and committed KPIs
  • Design and implement procedures related to Sygma’s Relayer node operations (deployment and upgrade, incident response, and key management)
  • Build monitoring and observability for various Sygma services including a distributed set of relayers and various blockchain full nodes
  • Provide training and guidance for other members of the infrastructure team, ensuring round-the-clock node operation and incident response
  • Document and communicate technical details via open-source documentation
  • Collaborate with various internal teams and the wider community to build, expand, and scale Sygma’s architecture, by tapping into new trends and opportunities highlighted by internal data, blockchain research, and the wider blockchain ecosystem


  • Solid dev
    experience with Golang
  • Experience working with AWS services
  • Demonstrable experience with modern Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools (Terraform, Helm, Ansible, etc), automating deployment, and best CI/CD practices and tools
  • Experience with monitoring and alerting tools (DataDog, Grafana, Prometheus, etc
  • Experience implementing distributed tracing, monitoring, and logging systems using OpenTelemetry Protocol
  • Experience building and participating in incident response systems (PagerDuty, etc) and handling the emergency response to production environment failures
  • In-depth knowledge of distributed systems and blockchain technology
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to document and convey technical details clearly
  • Ability to work autonomously as well as with the wider team

As a plus:

  • TypeScript, Solidity, or Rust is a big plus
  • Experience with specifying, procuring, and setting up infrastructures for Blockchain validator nodes, and managing them across several blockchain networks
  • Experience automating network deployment and testing of SmartContracts with various tools (Truffle, HardHat, Foundry, Anvil)
  • Understanding at least two of the following domains – Web Security, Web3 Security, Cloud Security, Systems Security, and Applied Cryptography

Hiring Steps

  • Selected candidates will be invited to a 30–to–45–minute screening call with one of our tech recruiters
  • Next, candidates will be invited to a 60-minute values interview with one of our team members
  • Technical 60-minute interview with one of our engineers
  • Then, candidates will be asked to complete a technical task in under 10-15 hours, but we provide up to 5 business days to complete it
  • After the completion of the test assignment call with Engineering team to discuss the results, for 60 minutes
  • Lastly, candidates will be invited to a 60-minute interview with the hiring team members

Why Join ChainSafe

Founded by developers for developers, ChainSafe is a remote-first company with an international team
We continue to provide opportunities for personal and professional growth, value autonomy and responsibility, have a results-driven environment, and offer flexible work hours

We care deeply about  and look for these attributes in every new team member
In addition, we recognize the benefits of cultivating a diverse team and aspire to embed respect for all people into our culture
We encourage women, the LGBTQIA+ community, people of colour, and members of any other group underrepresented in the blockchain space (or tech in general) to apply

How to Apply

Please fill out the Greenhouse application form below and ensure that you attach your resume and link your Github/Gitlab profile or any software project you have contributed to (if applicable)

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