Senior Javascript Engineer




As a Senior Full Stack Javascript Engineer, you will be an important part of a team building innovative solutions that empower our global customers and our infrastructure investments. The solutions this team develops will literally change the industry. As part engineering organization you and your team will build a modern real-time data analytics platform that connects directly to our mining facilities to inform and empower our customers with insights.


is a fully-remote US based cryptocurrency mining company. We are enthusiastically building an exponentially scalable platform enabling anyone to mine profitably. We are a venture backed startup currently raising our Series A. Our highly motivated team spans the technology and energy spectrum with expertise in mining, investment banking, renewables, and product. As a member of the United States Energy Association we work to understand the needs of the energy industry, eliminate wasted power, and help shape the  future of cryptocurrency and energy in the United States and globally. 

As an organization, we value innovation and collaboration. We make heavy use of Open Source technologies and cloud infrastructure. We believe in sustainable software development using Agile Development methodologies and mature devops practices to quickly and consistently provide value. We believe in creating robust, performant, maintainable, observable solutions. The ideal candidate will have at least 5 years of experience developing web applications with the technologies listed below. You will work closely with our Head of Product to build a dashboard which integrates with mining pool, payments, and other third party APIs.


  • As part of a team working in an agile environment you will build and deploy quality data ingest, cleansing, API development, and analytics.
  • Ensure that all data and software solutions are secure, performant, reliable, observable and testable
  • Continuously improve the quality of the products and solutions delivered
  • Manage coordinated deployment and testing for applications


  • A passion for building data solutions
  • A deep appreciation for dev/ops
  • Strong architectural, organizational and project management skills
  • 4+ years of React.js and Node.js
  • Experience working with a variety of relational and non-relational database systems (ie Postgres, MongoDB, Redis)
  • Experience with cloud based data visualization technologies (ie. Looker, Domo, Airtable)
  • Experience working in an agile development environment
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills, a desire to learn and teach
  • Experience with Infrastructure as Code tools such as Terraform is a plus


  • Highly competitive compensation commensurate with experience
  • Health insurance  
  • Monthly Bitcoin benefit 
  • Flexible work schedule 
  • Anniversary program


  • Fully remote 
  • Customer focused 
  • Meritocratic hiring and promotion   
  • Asynchronous work environment, minimal meetings 
  • OKR framework
  • Work life balance
  • General company values centered on: 
    • Integrity 
    • Trust
    • Passion 
    • Gratitude