Senior Wallet Engineer

Weโ€™re looking for an enthusiastic, self-motivated engineer to help us build the next generation of financial products
This roleโ€™s primary focus will be on the Uniswap Wallet suite of products, which consists of as well as our new browser extension
Our products live in a monorepo and are built using React Native for Web to enable maximal code sharing between them

As a Senior Engineer at Uniswap, you will be expected to drive impact by leading large projects, upholding a high quality bar, and striving to to continuously improve your skillset
You will be responsible for ensuring a consistent, high-quality user experience across these interfaces and will have the ability to influence the creation, design, and execution of future products and features


  • Consistently produce high quality code and well thought out architecture docs
  • Manage large, impactful projects staffed with several engineers with minimal day-to-day assistance from more senior engineers or managers
  • Rapidly implement functional UI elements from design mocks, with an eye toward performance and accessibility and ensure that components are functional, elegant, and performant
  • Know when to create abstractions vs
    one-off features


  • 5+ years of software engineering experience
  • Experience building React Native applications
  • Strong track record of engineering excellence working on large projects end-to-end
  • Familiarity with the web3 frontend stack (, , )
  • Experience with TypeScript
  • A desire to keep up with modern best practices in web/mobile development

Nice to Have

  • Experience as a Tech Lead
  • Experience working fullstack
  • Experience in native mobile (, Swift, Kotlin)
  • Experience with React Native for Web
  • Degree in computer science
  • Prior experience creating a design system or component library
  • Love for unicorns ๐Ÿ™‚

Full Time employees at Uniswap Labs are also eligible for other compensation elements, including equity, tokens, and benefits, dependent on the position type

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