SoC Security Engineer

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WOO Network


Work with the best

WOO Network was incubated by Kronos Research, connecting traders, exchanges, institutions, and DeFi platforms with democratized access to the best-in-class liquidity and trading execution at zero or low cost

The opportunity to work among individuals who are both driven and talented is few and far between
At WOO Network we believe that Web3 is all about breaking down barriers and bringing people together closer than ever before
Our mission of progressing decentralization in an industry that stands at the forefront of innovation has fostered an environment of ingenuity, perseverance, and fulfillment


Integrity – We act with integrity at every turnInnovation – We never give up seeking creative waysTeamwork – We value each other’s effortsOpenness – We are transparent with our processesCourage – We are not afraid of mistakesUrgency – We seize fleeting opportunities timely

Picture a Tuesday morning at your current job
You use your judgement effectively to spot a solution for an apparent issue
The issue lies in an area that may not be in your jurisdiction, but you decide to offer your opinion anyway, however you struggle to have your voice heard
This is what we strive to change in the working environment at WOO Network
Your voice and opinions are always valued, and we work hard to maintain a culture that is flat, inclusive, and empowering

A Glimpse into Your Future at WOO

  • What will you be working on?
    • As a SoC Security Engineer, you will be monitoring alerts, manages and configures security monitoring tools
      Be prepared to provide a Technical Escalation Point during security incidents, establishing the extent of an attack, the business impacts, and advising on how best to contain the incident along with advice on systems hardening and mitigation measures to prevent recurrence
    • Lead /Assist in deploying appropriate security solutions and technologies to strengthen the company’s security situation
    • Monitors alerts, manages and configures security monitoring tools
    • Acknowledge, analyze and validate incidents triggered from correlated events through SIEM solution or other reporting mechanisms such as email, phone calls, management directions, etc
    • Ability to undertake the first stages of false positive and false negative analysis of security incidents
    • Be prepared to provide a Technical Escalation Point during security incidents, establishing the extent of an attack, the business impacts, and advising on how best to contain the incident along with advice on systems hardening and mitigation measures to prevent recurrence
    • Conduct incident response, identify vulnerabilities, and consult on remediation steps
    • Have experience or ability to consider attack scenarios and create or update filtering rules through SIEM to enhance company’s security threat detection capabilities
    • Perform platform health checks to ensure that our security solutions are operating effectively and efficiently
    • Document actions in the ticketing system to effectively communicate information internally and to customers
    • Lead to create or assist in designing, implementing and operating processes, IT security framework and compliance documents
    • Creating, testing and implementing services disaster recovery plans
    • Assist in the development and enforcement of cloud security
  • Who will you be working with?
    • WOO Network’s security team consists of Organization Security, Security Operation Centre (SOC), Application security and IT security
      We cultivate talent based on a number of important qualities such as innovation, integrity, teamwork, openness, and courage
      As an employee, there is no greater perk than having a top supporting cast to help you achieve your personal and professional goals
  • What challenges will you face?
    • WOO Network competes within a dynamic and complex industry, with trends that are constantly evolving
      Maintaining our edge requires a high level of engagement and passion
      Producing impactful content requires critical thinking and organization, and team members must be able to operate autonomously in a results-driven environment
      Communication skills will be put to the test as you will face many micro-interactions with industry partners, thought-leaders, and community members along the way
       As a member of security team, the balancing of controls between developing and security policies is a major task you will need to solve base on the experience and communication with internal teams before you made decision, our goal is to provide top level secure service for customers
  • What tech stacks/skills will you be using?
    • SOC related tools will include but not limited in SIEM system, WAF, IDS/IPS, Strong understanding of TCP/IP and the most important tools is your own experience
      Tools has limitations but you don’t
    • Good in verbal and written English
      If you know Chinese would be a plus

Interested in Learning More?

  • Our hiring process begins by meeting with our People Team, who help facilitate the process of placing you in your new role
    You can expect to share your experience and ideas in online video interviews with our hiring team, made up of management and potential new colleagues
  • If you have experience in developing trading systems or financial-related products is a plus
  • You can prepare for this interview by mentally organizing your strategies and opinions on topics such as Web3, cryptocurrency trading platforms, and your vision of how to succeed
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