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About Wintermute

is a leading market maker of digital assets globally
We manage hundreds of millions in assets and trade more than $1B+/day across dozens of different trading platforms
Culturally, we combine 1) the best-in-class trading and technology professionalism coming from 70+ years of combined team’s expertise in traditional HFT companies like Optiver and 2) technology startup culture, as we are moving very fast and empowering people to act like owners
  Wintermute provides liquidity algorithmically across most vested exchanges in crypto, across CeFi and DeFi, on-screen and OTC, as well as supporting high profile blockchain projects
 At Wintermute, we believe in the decentralization of finance and we believe that trading companies of the future are technology companies, not financial services providers
Wintermute is a proprietary trading business
We are a Series B highly profitable startup backed by , Pantera Capital, Sino Global Capital, Ventures and other top tier investors
Learn more about our team and culture on our website and Evgeny’s post
Working at Wintermute 

 We are looking for a C++ Software Engineer who is passionate about technology, interested in both low level details of how computer hardware operates and high-level design of large systems
Someone who likes opening the hood to see how things work, has understanding of data structures, experience writing client-server network applications, and writing and optimising code for highperformance
We welcome your previous experience from your own personal projects as well as commercial experience
Interest in algorithmic trading is a plus
At Wintermute you will have an opportunity to grow and make direct impact on trading by developing and improving all the parts of the trading platform and related software, while also getting advice and guidance from very experienced developers and traders, including the founders
You will get a lot of independence and responsibility right away, and you'll learn at an unprecedented speed! No legacy systems, no corporate bureaucracy, no multiple levels of approvals
It is up to you to make an impact!  You will work alongside exceptionally sharp colleagues, learn how to write fail-safe code and improve performance and scalability of the trading system, a real challenge and a rare opportunity!What will you work on

A great advantage of this position is that it is varied, and it is also up to you to shape it in the direction that matches your talents and company needs
Projects may include connecting to a new exchange, upgrading major trading system components, designing a completely new application from scratch, working on implementation of pricing models
We will share more technical details in the interviews
You will have opportunity to improve your knowledge of software optimisations, of building robust large-scale systems and to understand crypto currency trading

Hard Skills requirements

    • At least 2 years experience with C++ – we will test
    • Understanding networking and implementing client-server connections – we will test
    • Experience with looking under the hood to see how C++ standard libraries work – we will test
    • Strong analytical skills – we will test

Write to us if you

    • Love coding, love problem solving, and love seeing your products work
    • Love building things
    • Are curious about algorithmic trading and financial markets
    • Are determined, ambitious yet humble, willing to work hard and learn on the way
    • Like meritocracy and being judged by what you deliver
    • Like working like an owner and not like a 9-to-5 "work to pay bills" or contractor
    • Like working in the team environment (not fully remote), at least half-time working from our London office (COVID restrictions allowing)

Tips for a successful application

    • Only apply to us if you are genuinely interested or curious about this role; this is not for someone who is just looking for "a job"
    • Write us a short, honest, and direct message if you'd like to apply
      Tell us about why you are interested in C++ development at Wintermute
      Do not send us generic copy paste applications, we are looking for authentic people who share our interests, values and ambitions!
    • We are able to arrange a UK visa sponshorship for the right candidates

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