Software Engineer, Networking

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About The Role:

As a member of the blockchain core team, you’ll have the opportunity to redesign and implement the core blockchain network protocol that enables secure communication between the blockchain nodes deployed globally
You’ll be able to work across the entire networking stack, from the application layer down to the session and transport layers
You will influence the throughput, latency, and reliability of the Aptos network by building a networking backbone that is efficient, secure, and resilient
You will build a foundation for a blockchain that is far more performant than anything the industry has seen

What you’ll be doing

  • Design the next-generation peer-to-peer Network protocol for the Aptos Network
  • Abstract away communication and networking layers from the core blockchain functions and provide application layer interfaces to the various services (, Aptos consensus)
  • Optimize the data transfer between nodes to ensure high-throughput, low latency, and guaranteed message delivery across a global network
  • Ensure the security of the network through various defensive mechanisms, including message encryption, authentication, rate limiting and load balancing

What we’re looking for

  • 5+ years of experience as a hands-on software engineer
  • Experience building application network protocols, low latency data transfer, and data replication strategies
  • Experience with peer-to-peer communication environments and protocols like Gossip/ Bittorrent etc
  • Ideally, you deeply understand system-level transport protocols TCP/ UDP/QUIC
  • Experience with distributed system performance optimizations
  • Experience with at least one system programming language such as Rust or C/C++

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