Software Engineer, Programming Languages

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About The Role

As part of the Programming Languages team, you will be responsible for advancing the state of the art of the Move language platform
This includes evolving the design of the language together with the Move community, as well as contributing to a wide spectrum of tools from improving security for Move up to better developer usability
You will be closely working with the Aptos framework team which develops smart contracts in Move, as well as the larger community of Aptos Move developers

We are welcoming highly skilled applicants through all seniority levels
Talk with us if you enjoy working on one or more of the topics below, and bring the expertise to do so with you!

Some of the things you might be doing:

  • Evolving the design and implementation (compiler, VM) of the Move language, together with the larger Move community
  • Enhancing the integration of the Move VM into the Aptos environment, interacting with our internal and external Move developer community
  • Working on tools for testing, formal verification (Move Prover), static analysis, and runtime verification for Move
  • Working on tools for bug finding in safe Rust programs
  • Working on IDE integrations of Move and other development tools
  • Working on core Move libraries and their native implementations

Some of the things we’re looking for:

  • Experience with language design and compiler construction
  • Experience in developing virtual machines and runtime environments
  • Experience in program analysis and program productivity tools
  • Experience in symbolic execution and mechanical reasoning, SMT techniques and formal verification
  • Experience in language security and fuzzing tools

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