Software Engineering Student

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StarkWare Industries



StarkWare is a leading start-up in the blockchain industry, focused on solving one of the most challenging problems facing blockchain technology today – Scalability

The company's core algorithm, STARK (Scalable Transparent Argument of Knowledge), is a game-changing solution that allows for a scalable and transparent verification of computational integrity in a trustless environment

We are looking for top students in software engineering/computer science to join our engineering team
The right candidate should have a maximum of 2 semesters left until graduation at a leading university, with a high GPA


You will take a significant part in the development of StarkWare's systems
We encourage our developers of all experience levels to be involved in all stages of development, which enables meaningful learning, development, and rapid progress
Our system is built in a microservice architecture, and the code is written in Python, Rust, C++, Solidity, Cairo and more


  • Last year student in Computer Science / Software engineering at a leading university
  • A high GPA
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Able to work a minimum 50% position (2 days/week)

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