Solutions Architects, Linux Administration

Protocol Labs


You may be a fit for this role if you have…

  • Experienced with open source software and the maintenance of open source repositories.

  • Expert knowledge of Linux, including familiarity with UNIX system calls, and low-level O/S, storage and networking protocols.

  • Knowledge of Linux kernel internals

  • Troubleshooting skills across hardware, O/S, network, and storage

  • Ability to write robust, maintainable scripts in bash or sh.

  • Passionate about modern DevOps tools and practices including Git

  • Experience in the development lifecycle, software automation, continuous deployment & integration

  • Knowledge of building and managing containers.

  • Proficient in Go, Python or Rust

  • Proficient in one scripting language

  • Bonus: experience with Linux server provisioning process

  • Bonus: experience with configuration management and CMDB

  • Bonus: experience with kernel bypass, FPGA, or another novel high-performance specialty

In this role you will be responsible for…

  • Continue to develop their expertise of using and maintaining open source software

  • Seek to understand Filecoin/IPFS/libP2P and how it applies to the distributed peer to peer web

  • Apply their understanding of Linux to the benefit of the Filecoin ecosystem

  • Actively improve processes

  • Become the go-to person for issues related around Linux

  • Develop junior and senior people through various career stages with regular 1-on-1s, feedback, and performance reviews

  • Participate as a technical skill evaluator on interview loops

  • Self-motivated, fast learning, and will figure out how to get ambiguous tasks done

  • Staying organized

  • Staying detail oriented

  • Caring about people