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About Lurk Lab

Lurk Lab is an entity within Protocol Labs that is building Lurk (https://github.

com/lurk-lang), a Turing-complete programming language for recursive SNARKs.

Lurk implements a minimal Lisp whose program executions can be proven in zero-knowledge, yielding succinct proofs which are concretely small and fast to verify.

Lurk uses a Rust implementation (https://github.

com/lurk-lang/lurk-rs) for expression evaluation, proving, and verification, with Nova (https://github.

com/microsoft/Nova/) as its proving backend.

Because Lurk is Turing-complete, it can be used to make and prove arbitrary computational claims (within resource limits).

As Startup Operator for Lurk Lab, you will oversee the day-to-day and long term business operations in coordination with the head of Lurk Lab and the Technical Program Manager.

This includes developing a long-term business model to guide our growth trajectory, and evangelizing Lurk in the web3 space.

The right candidate for this position will:

  • Have experience working with highly technical staff, defining strategic priorities and building an organizational structure to achieve those outcomes.

  • Not be wedded to strict project management or business development philosophies, but should have a “do what works” mentality.

  • Be familiar with the web3 space, including the various economic models that are plausible within it.

  • Be able and willing to wear many hats, getting “in the mud” of organizational needs when necessary.

  • Huge bonus points for candidates who have experience establishing and growing young startups, particularly driving strategic business decisions and guiding day-to-day and big picture operations.

  • Have experience making strategic hires at early-stage companies.

While the right candidate need not be technically trained, they should grow to both understand Lurk at a high-level and be able to faithfully communicate its key features.

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