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Ankr Network


About Ankr

Paving the way to the open internet of the future, Ankr offers node solutions for over 50 different chains and a “1 click” API service for Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche and more. Our primary mission is to help usher in developers into the web3 ecosystem. To do this, we pioneer new solutions to solve some of the most pressing problems across decentralized systems and the DeFi movement, to lower the entry barrier for everyday people, enterprises, and developers to contribute to blockchain ecosystems.

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Ankr was founded in 2017 in Berkeley, California. The founding team and headquarters are based in San Francisco. Ankr has a distributed team of over 150+ people operating remotely and from offices in San Francisco, Shanghai, Moscow, and Amsterdam.

The next phase of the internet is based on distributed networks which make the new generation of platforms, applications and services more private, secure, reliable and censorship resistant.

By cutting out intermediaries and gatekeepers, builders and users gain back control over their applications and data.

Our mission is to make web3 easy to use for everyone!

What we’re looking for:

  • Someone who grabs on to problems and likes to figure out what’s going on with assistance as needed.
  • Someone who operates servers / equipment to try and create something, regardless of its utility.
  • Someone who can thrive in a 100% remote environment

What you will do:

  • Triage and support investigation of anomalies in a load balanced, global Linux environment.
  • Learn and leverage server automation for globally distributed bare metal servers (Ansible, Helm, Etcetera).
  • Participate in a follow the sun support model.


  • 1+ years in a Server Infrastructure role, or formal education in IT
  • Experience troubleshooting technical issues, preferably in a Linux system
  • Awareness of orchestration tools (e.g Ansible, SaltStack)
  • Some experience with Linux systems administration, personal or professional.
  • Some experience leveraging scripts to accomplish tasks (e.g Bash, Python, Ansible, Go)
  • Understanding of IPv4 networking concepts
  • Great listener and communicator
  • Bilingual or high fluency in English