Systems Engineer (Technology)

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Protocol Labs


We’re looking for a driven individual to enable faster, safer collaboration within our team by developing, implementing, supporting, and optimizing the operations of our internal tools and services
Additionally, this role will support other teams within the organization, stepping in wherever needed to provide temporary or ongoing technology assistance

Systems Engineer at Protocol Labs 

No request is too big, small, or soon for you to handle
There is no ordinary day here — though many of us have ongoing endeavors (both technical and non) we all pitch in regularly across several teams and mission-critical tasks as we’re needed
A significant measure of our success is both the time we save everyone on the team and the added leverage we create
A typical day might include training a new user, resolving a configuration issue in a SaaS application, deploying a new web property, and supporting a virtual event for one of our open source communities

Protocol Labs sits at the intersection of many exciting fields (cryptography, blockchain backed networks, distributed systems) and cultures (startups, research, open source, distributed work)
The Technology team works hard to keep the company productive and focused on what really matters
All of this happens in an environment defined by curiosity, passion, and a love for open source

You may be a fit for this role if…

  • You love difficult challenges
    Problems that look impossible are the most fun, because you know there is a way – and you won’t stop until you’ve figured it out
    When you really need to relax, you play Dark Souls
  • You apply first principles to build new solutions
    You’re able to take lessons from past experiences and apply them in new and disparate contexts
  • You lean into loosely-defined challenge areas
    Because you’re always learning, you have a broad toolbox of skills at your side to tackle ambiguous problems in a fluid environment
  • You are most productive in a remote-work environment
    You love the flexibility remote-work gives you to build independent rhythms and really dig into your work
    You understand how and where to integrate sync and async communications into your daily routine
  • You are relentlessly customer focused
    You’re not happy unless the person you’re trying to help is happy
  • You solve for yes
    When someone brings you an unexpected challenge, you can always find a path to resolution
  • You are energized by the success of others
    Nothing is more satisfying than solving someone’s sticky problem, particularly when it unblocks an important initiative and makes another team successful
  • You enjoy supporting a highly technical team
    You are comfortable and competent providing support for world-class software engineers
  • You are an optimizer
    It can always be better
    You aren’t content to build something and move on – you want to make you have the best it can be
    You understand, at a philosophical level, why some people race lawnmowers
  • You love simplicity
    You know that complexity is the enemy, and you build systems, tools, and processes that reduce both cognitive load and opportunities for error

In this role you will be responsible for…

  • Recommending, deploying, and supporting SaaS systems, process, and security protocols
  • Developing security policies, incident response protocols, and monitoring & reporting tools
  • Managing user technology support, team onboarding, offboarding
  • Developing robust user and security training and documenting for internal and external audiences
  • Maintaining brand management technologies including domains, websites, social media, email marketing, and other tools
  • Optimizing our team’s current tools so we move with ludicrous speed
  • Researching new internal tools and services that make us more efficient
    No existing solution you can find? Build the solution we need!
  • Analyzing the impact of new tools and services on our infrastructure
  • ‘Rolling up your sleeves’ often and jumping in to support other teams with tasks such as event planning, travel logistics, even possibly some product management and external customer relations

To be successful, you will need the following skills…

  • Experience providing exceptional technology systems recommendations, implementation, documentation, training, and support for a broad set of technical and non-technical stakeholders
  • Subject matter expertise in all things SaaS, technology implementation, web property deployment, information security, and remote work optimization
  • Deep understanding of web development concepts, static site generators, CI management, and DNS configuration
  • Experience managing Google Workspace, Github, Zoom, Slack, Discord, Mailchimp, related integrations, secrets managers, project management tools, and other SaaS systems and tools
  • Extensive experience developing and documenting support and user training processes, as well as publishing and maintaining public and private documentation using static website generators, Github, Notion, Google Docs, and other tools
  • Organized and self-motivation; you don’t wait for guidance, but continuously seeks out ways to improve systems, processes, documentation, and training
  • A people-focused customer service mindset, with a track record of going above and beyond to take care of people
  • An Impeccable record of integrity and trust
  • Comfort using automation and scripting tools in multiple languages, and in technologically diverse environments