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Filecoin Plus Program

Filecoin provides a robust, decentralized, verifiable platform for anyone to store and interact with data. Filecoin Plus (Fil+) was created to maximize the amount of useful storage that Filecoin can support, by adding a layer of social trust to the network and introducing a novel resource called DataCap. Data owners apply to community-selected notaries to receive DataCap, which can then be used to make deals with storage providers who are greatly incentivized to store their data as it increases their share of block rewards over time.ย 

Filecoin Plus is a pragmatic solution to the technically challenging problem of verifying that a particular set of data is useful in a permissionless, incentive-compatible, pseudonymous network, and presents a path for incentivizing using the Network in productive ways.

We are hiring a Technical Program Manager to help drive strategic initiatives and coordinate the development of tools in the Filecoin Plus program. We’re looking for people who understand the underlying principles of distributed systems, open source projects and networks, blockchain security risks and mitigation, and who will lean in to the challenges of applying these principles to build scalable, secure, and resilient systems for stakeholders in the Filecoin network.

You can learn more about the Fil+ program here:

  • – introduction to core concepts
  • Our GitHub repos: , , ย 
  • ย Recent Fil+ Notary/Community Governance calls: ,ย  ย