Technical Program Manager – IPFS Protocol

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The is a fundamental building block of Web3, enabling decentralized internet architectures to find and exchange content-addressed data at scale
It is used by researchers, activists, builders, and many others to create a new class of applications that are inherently more reliable, resilient, and secure than what we have today
Protocol Labs has supported the IPFS project since its early days, and is continuing to bring on contributors to help advance the project and community, supporting this diverse ecosystem in making IPFS a core part of the Data Layer of Web3

To help support a rich and varied array of implementations of IPFS, we are looking for a Technical Program Manager to drive the Core IPFS protocol
This role is equal parts community stewardship, program management, and technical direction/strategy
You will help us develop and facilitate processes around community-driven protocol evolution, balancing competing priorities and building technical consensus
You will have a prominent role in the IPFS community, and can have huge impact on the overall technical direction

What we’re looking for:

  • Execution in Ambiguity – well developed skills around dealing with ambiguity, driving towards outcomes
    This is a big scope, and we need someone who can jump in and start running with little support
  • Technical acumen – being a coder is great, but what we need is mostly about core computer science background so you can easily discuss, articulate, and reason about technical trade-offs in partnership with engineering
  • Humble leadership – you are one who “leads from behind”, putting stakeholders in the front seat and driving for outcomes through influence
  • Community Building – you are able to work across diverse stakeholders and drive big processes and decisions in the open
  • Product Strategy – you can synthesize lots of data points to build strategy in a highly ambiguous environment
    You think deeply about not just the what and the how, but especially about the “why”

What you’ll do:

  • Help us build a robust, streamlined, community-driven process for evaluating proposed changes to the IPFS protocol
  • Manage and maintain the IPFS specification; help us build a culture and practice of spec-driven development which provides the foundation of interoperability between IPFS implementations
  • Collaborate with IPFS Implementers and others in the community to understand their needs/challenges and use this understanding to help shape protocol evolution
  • Bring together engineers and researchers from Protocol Labs and the broader community to drive consensus on protocol/specification changes

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