Technologist (Web3/AI)

What is Menyala?

Menyala is a venture builder founded by Temasek, a global investment firm headquartered in Singapore
 We empower builders to drive technological shifts

What is the role?

Technologists are responsible for proving “feasibility” within our venture teams
You will guide and lead strategic choices for the development of solutions that will become core to success of products we build within ventures


In this role, you will be involved in:

Project Venture Solutioning

  • Due Diligence: Evaluate existing solutions and consider building, buying, or partnering for proof of concepts (PoVs)
  • Evolutionary Architecture: Develop an architecture that evolves from MVP to scaled services, covering various technology domains (blockchain, AI, Cloud, etc
  • Technical Expertise: Possess proficiency across multiple technology domains and serve as a coach, mentor, and expert
  • Coaching Role: Coach and mentor 1/2 developers during venture building activities at Menyala
  • Community Engagement: Act as a technology evangelist within the community, helping build networks and engaging in technical advocacy (TA) activities
    Additionally, take on speaking roles to convey Menyala Engineering’s venture-building message
  • Innovation and Testing: Apply new technical domains and lead concept testing across web2/3, Blockchain, AI, and other areas
  • Competitive Product Research: Research on technology solutions of potential competitors of ventures to highlight competitive advantages and disadvantages of their solutions

Compliance and Performance

  • Data Privacy: Design and develop solutions with regard to local and global data and information privacy and compliance regulations
  • Performance Assessment: Articulate the performance implications of different design and implementation options, providing appropriate recommendations
  • Security: Design, implement, and enforce Secure by Design principles for enhanced security


We are looking for Technologists with the following:

  • Manages Complexity We’re looking for someone who can critically assess tech feasibility
    You’ll be the go-to person to develop technical solution architectures, lead prototyping and solution delivery
    This means crafting user stories for features and use-cases, to ensure our solutions are aligned with business objectives
  • Optimizes Work Processes We’re all about teamwork here
    You’ll be working in dynamic project teams, leading strategic tech decisions in sync with our awesome product, design, and business teams
    Together, we’ll tackle a range of exciting opportunity areas
  • Tech Savvy Get ready to dive into a range of tech stacks and explore diverse opportunity areas! We’re looking for individuals with deep knowledge in decentralised technologies, staying current with the latest tech trends, and passionate about embracing new technologies
  • Business Insight Demystifying complex tech talk is your strength
    You’ll be a pro in breaking down tricky tech jargon to stakeholders who aren’t tech experts
    Plus, you’ll be great at articulating the commercial value of our solutions
  • Nimble Learning We’re looking for someone who thrives in a startup environment
    You’re not afraid to dive in, get your hands dirty, and learn through experimentation when faced with fresh challenges
    You’re always on the pulse of the latest technology trends and love working with new technologies, and immersing yourself in new industries

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