TypeScript Toolkit Engineer – Substrate Connect

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Parity Technologies


Parity Technologies builds core infrastructure for blockchains and Web 3
0 technologies
This means dealing with P2P networking, consensus algorithms, cryptography, databases, and decentralised applications
We strive to write the fastest, lightest, and safest core technology in Blockchain and write lots of open-source code

At Parity Technologies, we have built and launched live networks like Kusama and Polkadot atop the Substrate blockchain framework
We want to bring to these networks first-class end-to-end user experiences which tell a story of how easy it is to use these next-generation blockchains
For example, improving how users participate in network staking, how members of our governance systems present and vote on proposals, enabling simple integration of Substrate systems into web pages, improving how new users onboard into our ecosystem, and more…

In this role, you’ll help bring to life an open-source TypeScript toolkit to enhance the Substrate / Web 3 developer experience
The aim of this toolkit is to reduce friction in creating efficient interactions with many chains
You will work in a small functional team with two front-end developers, one backend developer, and one designer to create core utilities, pattern libraries, and examples
This will be the basis for a new open source community, of which you’ll be a steward
We will all share the responsibility of triaging issues, engaging with developers, and assessing their needs
This role will surely evolve, and hopefully, you’ll help drive its evolution
There will be many ways to help the toolkit and its users succeed

About You:

  • You have experience building both browser and NodeJS applications with TypeScript
  • You think deeply about paradigm-shifting tools, such as React and GraphQL
  • Well-designed APIs bring you immense joy
  • You have excellent communication skills
  • Writing legible, maintainable code is more important to you than are your stylistic preferences
  • To you, release announcements from the TypeScript team feel like special occasions
    Maybe you even follow along with notes from the TypeScript team’s design meetings
  • You don’t need to be a blockchain expert
    Just excited and willing to learn!


  • Collaborating with the team on design, roadmap and overall strategy
  • Writing both low-level and high-level code
  • Modeling chain interactions as type-safe, composable building blocks
  • Documenting your creations
  • Identifying bugs, bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement
  • Actively participating in / supporting a new community in open source

Good to have:

  • Language design, compiler, interpreters
  • Creating and releasing open source
  • Effect-oriented programming (ZIO, effect-ts)
  • Knowledge of Web Assembly